I think creating subjects for these posts is the most difficult part. Sometimes I just want to throw numbers in there so I don’t have to think about it.

I had a fantastic week at work. Well, thats not entirely true, but yesterday was a really great day! Everyone was out of the office doing things, so I had to run things in the the office. I know it sounds silly, but this is quite the job. I was answering the phone and handling questions and problems that I knew nothing about, but I put my game face on and took care of it. It was so thrilling! I walked out the door yesterday, called Bryant and my words were “Today I was Kick Ass!” And I really was. I set things up so some of our shops could get their shipments early, and I did invoices for like 50 companies that we had shipped to the day before, and I created style codes for some of our winter 09/10 products. And I was busy all day! It felt like a normal job.

Lately, I was feeling a little frustrated. Graduating from college is such a strange thing. Its like you have no purpose anymore because your whole life you were always a student, and now your nothing. You are jobless, searching for purpose in a job title, and hoping that everything feels motivating and stimulating so you aren’t one of those people who hates what they do from 8-5 M-F. And the hardest part, to me, is going to college and studying what you want to do and then entering into the “real world” still unexperienced and unprepared for every job. There is not one job that you are capable of, so you have to start at the bottom and be unhappy with what you do from 8-5 M-F until one day you are given a big opportunity to move up and move forward. For those of you who haven’t graduated from college yet, I’m so sorry for this ugly truth. I consider myself to be an optimistic personl, most of the time. In college I was always beating myself up, and crying like crazy because I never knew if I was doing the right thing and had picked the right major. But since then, I have tried to learn from my episodes and be an optimist. To try and approach life with this, “things will happen” attitude.

I like fashion. I like being a part of a company that makes fashion for girls who are active, and live for the snow. We are working on a swimsuit line as well, which is so fun. Expanding into “surf” will make what we do day to day so exciting. I have to remember this picture. Its the bigger picture. And maybe this will help me feel more like I participate in the “end game” rather than feeling insignificant when I can’t use my expertise.

Bryant and I finally got all of our pictures in the mail. I posted them on our wedding website, at least most of them. WWW.MYWEDDING.COM/BRYANTANDKATIE


Wedding Pictures…Finally

My wedding pictures are in the mail on their way, but here is a a little teaser…

Fringe Update

I almost forgot, we watched Fringe Episode 2.

A woman was impregnated by a 21 year old man that was “cultivated” meaning he was grown. He accidently got a woman pregnant, which imparted his condition to her, which created a baby within seconds inside her ready to come out! She birthed a baby, and within 3 hours it was a shiveled up old man! Something about the pituitary gland being the source of growth, and he was killing women and stealing their pituitary gland so he wouldn’t age.

But the cliff hanger was the 21 year old couldn’t get enough pituitary glands so he died of old age a day later, and the final scene of the episode was this picture of humans in these giant glass dome things. It slightly resembled the Matrix, and then the show just ended.

This show is really creeping me out. I can’t decide if I even like it because it just makes me feel funny inside.

Want to see a glimpse into what I experienced. Watch the first 4 minutes below.