my friend lynse

Everytime I talk to my friend Lynse from Alabama she always tells me that I should start a blog. She also always comments on how I always have so many stories. This blog is intended for her, and my friends that I don’t get to talk to as frequently as I would like, because I have been cursed and sometimes blessed by strange occurances.

In addition, I have been told that people who get published in magazines and become authors and journalists started out with a blog. I feel that this could be my safety if this whole Fashion thing doesn’t work out. Of course that also means that I should start spelling out things like “doesn’t” and writing “does not” because that is what is considered most proper.

Furthermore, today was monumental for me as I cleaned the poop off the butt of my boss’s puppy. Scruffy is having some trouble lately…he is sick, mostly due to the fact that when he goes to the puppy babysitter he likes to eat parrot food. This apparently is a problem for Scruffy and his digestive system. Me, being the happy and willing to do anything intern that I am, agreed to clean Scruffy’s poopy butt. To channel Betty Gossip, “what was once a tootsie roll is now hot fudge, Scruffy is sick”

Also, today I found that I am not legally married. Apparently my marriage license is lost in the infinite abyss called the Post Office, OR it was never put in the mail box to begin with; regardless of the cause, my Mom told me today that I “might be living in sin.”

Please pray for me.




  1. Yay!!! I am so happy about this. makes my day!

  2. Today I’m going to read your whole blog. Start to finish.

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