Life Updated Part I

I am really loving life right now. I have this appreciation for all that I have experienced in the last year, and I’m so happy that I am the type that looks back because if I didn’t, I would have let this feeling of joy completely slip by. In the last year, I have gotten engaged, graduated from college, gotten married, moved to a new city, started a job at a company that I love, and now that I am “in it,” like really “in” the adult period of my life I have to say, it is fabulous. At Imago Dei on Sunday the worship band incorporated a banjo which inevitably lead to some really folksy “hoe down” type of worship music. But it wasn’t in the least bit tacky, it was so joyous and everyone was clapping and laughing and dancing and it was this moment of just complete joy. Bryant and I kept looking at eachother and smiling and then of course Bryant would yodel a bit in between verses “This Mornin’!” “Go Up to Heaven!” But my point is I felt happy, really happy.

Sometimes I feel like life is moving so quickly, and its in these times that I will be happy that I blog. I know it sounds silly but writing about how I feel in this moment, at this time in my life, is so priceless.

My Life As A Playlist has been updated…and this video is spectacular as well, so I had to put it up.

We Are Scientists “After Hours”