Practicing Optimism

Ever since I decided to practice optismism, thinks have started looking up. And not just my perspective, but positive things are happening.

This “glass half full” perspective is allowing me to experience life freely and happily.

Opportunities that I thought were closed are suddenly opening. And I have to thank God for opening new doors for me. Instead of being so negative and so terrified that failure is all that lies ahead, I’m starting to realize that it all depends on my perspective.

My friend told me that I need to realize that what is current won’t last forever, and its not long term. What is current, is happening now, and it may take weeks, months, or years, but its not long term.

She is right.


Thus, my perspective has changed and so I am continuing to try to “practice optimism” and experimentally see where that takes me.

Obama should think about doing the same.


Beau Breedlove

Bryant and I went to look at lofts around the Pearl District today. We walked into this building called the Wyatt. It was pretty snazy, and we sat down at the desk and talked with the leasing agent about what we were looking for. We went over floor plans and then he left to go grab the keys to some of the units.

I was looking around, and then saw on the desk some business cards. I picked one up and there it was “Beau Breedlove.”

I handed the card to Bryant and his mouth opened in complete shock-and then we quickly tried to act like nothing was going on because the leasing agent (aka Beau) was coming back. The entire time he was showing us the apartments Bryant was acting very strangely. In my head I kept thinking “why is that name so familiar, I showed it to Bryant just to laugh because what a crazy name, but seriously, this name sounds so familiar, where have I heard it.”

Bryant and I left and Bryant was laughing on our way out the door saying things to me like “oh my gosh, thats so crazy, can you believe that was him” And I kept smiling and laughing and nodding, still not able to make the connection in my brain. We walked across the street to the next building to check out the lofts and Bryant realized that I had not made the connection because I wasn’t freaking out. He told the leasing agent at this building that he needed to have a “conference” with me and we would be right back. We walk out into the doorway and Bryant says “Katie, do you not know who that was! Beau Breedlove!!! Sam Adams?” And there it was, the reaction Bryant was looking for “SHUT UP! THAT WAS BEAU BREEDLOVE”

We walked back in and told the leasing agent what had happened. She said “oh yeah, right after that whole thing came out, it was so busy with news reporters and stuff”

I found it really interesting that Beau didn’t even introduce himself. He didn’t tell us his name, he was just no name leasing agent. We understand why, but still.

I called my friend Jana and told her the story, she of course thought it was equally crazy. And as I told her, I’ve seen celebrities before like Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton, Wilmer Valderama, but never have I run into a real life celebrity person like Beau Breedlove.


And in case for some reason you aren’t up to date on your Portland Mayor news, read article link below.

Back in 2009…

Lately, I’ve noticed that people who are older than me (this is a generalization) reference stories and events from their past by stating the year that it happened. “Back in 1992, there was this terrible winter blizzard, remember the blizzard of 1992” or “yeah, in 1997 I was working for ____company”

This really bothers me. Because I have no freaking clue when anything happened. I am a details person, but not a year that it happened details person. I reference stories based on the weather, or the grade I was in, or the person I was with–so do people at some point decide “wow I’m getting older, better beef up on my life history so I can tell stories and know what year it happened” or do people just naturally memorize the year of occurance?

I’ve been really stressed out about it. I don’t know why, but its come up in my conversations with people a lot lately. At work I started yelling about it–I said “I will never do that” and she said “oh you will” and I thought to myself “if I don’t remember the first 20 years of my life by the year that things happened, what makes you think moving forward I will know?” and then she said that its been easy for her because the grade of school she was in corresponded with the year, so in 2nd grade it was 1982. It was not this way for me.

So, basically what I am saying is,  I will forever be stunted when I start stories and someone says “oh really, what year was that”