Back in 2009…

Lately, I’ve noticed that people who are older than me (this is a generalization) reference stories and events from their past by stating the year that it happened. “Back in 1992, there was this terrible winter blizzard, remember the blizzard of 1992” or “yeah, in 1997 I was working for ____company”

This really bothers me. Because I have no freaking clue when anything happened. I am a details person, but not a year that it happened details person. I reference stories based on the weather, or the grade I was in, or the person I was with–so do people at some point decide “wow I’m getting older, better beef up on my life history so I can tell stories and know what year it happened” or do people just naturally memorize the year of occurance?

I’ve been really stressed out about it. I don’t know why, but its come up in my conversations with people a lot lately. At work I started yelling about it–I said “I will never do that” and she said “oh you will” and I thought to myself “if I don’t remember the first 20 years of my life by the year that things happened, what makes you think moving forward I will know?” and then she said that its been easy for her because the grade of school she was in corresponded with the year, so in 2nd grade it was 1982. It was not this way for me.

So, basically what I am saying is,  I will forever be stunted when I start stories and someone says “oh really, what year was that”


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