Make Me a Super Model

Today I was watching the Soup from last Friday since I missed it (I rely on DVR all too much)…and Joel McHale showed a clip of a runway show from the show Make Me A Super Model.

Zoey (my dog) was sitting on the couch watching with me (she does that sometimes) and dozing off into deep sleep mode. The Make Me a Super Model Clip comes on and Zoey starts barking like crazy and running away from the television as soon as she saw the image of this guy:


I wasn’t sure if her reaction was really to this guy or if she was startled by a noise or something, so I played it again…and again, and I have to tell you, after awhile her panic became more and more fierce.

Because of this, I strongly believe that my dog Zoey understands fashion and what I like to call “fashion travesties.” I’m not sure it was the wings or the silver plated cup, either way, her reaction killed me and kept me entertained for most of the afternoon.


inspired by sabrina.

In high school, I liked to journal. Keep little books with notes and pictures and things that inspired me.

In college, I spent a lot of time at Barnes and Noble, looking at other peoples little books of notes and pictures and things that inspired them. It was there that I came across Sabrina Ward Harrison. I think its time to talk about her, as her journals have completely enthralled me in a way that I can’t even describe. She writes about her raw emotions, paints whatever she feels, creating a masterpiece that is about ‘her.’ I am utterly inspired by her artwork and reading her books has made me look into myself and find TRUTH. Underneath all of the exterior I found my soul and have realized the importance of being completely truthful with myself, and through that honesty I gain a confindence and vulnerability that speaks through me in every moment, in every experience, and in every conversation.


“The more I look around and listen I realize that I’m not alone. We are all facing choices that define us. No choice. However messy is without importance in the overall picture of our lives. We all at our own age have to claim something.


NOAH&THE WHALE…that happy :)


and thats really all. 

nothing to say, no blog, just today I feel happiness. 

I listened to Noah&the Whale this morning, and it caused instant smiles…not the whole song, but mostly.

And will be love, love, love
Love throught our bodys.
Love, love, love
All throught our minds
And will be love, love, love
All over her face
And love, love, love
All over our minds.


 Do Yourself a Favor and Watch these and then tell me it doesn’t make you feel all happy inside.