Baby Hippos

Today was my last day at “my work.” Yeah for freedom. Boo for gross ideas and comparisons that are completely outrageous!

Today was also my boss’ kid’s birthday. My boss was in a rough mood-as usual, but instead of getting down about it she told everyone that instead she was remembering that things could always be worse, her son could be a baby hippo.

I of course didn’t understand what she meant, and when she explained, I wished that I had never asked. 


There is a baby hippo in Europe that apparently is on the brink of death because the zoo is overpopulated and no one wants the baby hippo. And the problem is that baby hippos (male hippos) hump their mothers, and the fathers get aggressive and upset and they fight to the death. 

Back to my boss, she is thankful that her son isn’t a baby hippo because that would mean that he would hump her.


I was uncomfortable, grossed out, and appauled. But I have to say, it was a good note to leave on. Very typical of “my work.”  Stay tuned, an exclusive “my work” blog will be coming soon….


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