Nancy Botwin

 Not many people know this, but I am a huge fan of the show “Weeds.” Nancy Botwin’s attempt to make a living selling weed and all of the shenanigans she gets into along the way never ceases to keep me entertained. The truth is, Nancy Botwin is not very good at being a drug dealer. She actually is really terrible at it. She dates DA agents, says things like “take care of it” which apparently in the drug world means light the entire suburb of Acrestic on fire. But Nancy Botwin makes me happy, because she is completely out of her mind, and things never go smoothly for her which on my bad days makes me feel like things could always be worse.

WEEDS (season 4)

 I’ve been waiting patiently for the Blu-Ray release of Season 4, and mentioned it to a friend the other day when she said “Did you know that they completely got rid of the Little Boxes theme song?!” I was shocked and upset because those 45 seconds at the beginning of each episode is a part of why I watch. “Weeds” was the only show that I didn’t feel the need to fast forward through the theme song because this particular theme song and the guests that they invited to sing this theme song was simply amazing. I hope what she said isn’t true, but if it is, here is a tribute to “Little Boxes”…

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Weekend and Empire of the Sun.

Weekend: Bryant and I spent the weekend being social and prepping for our move that is happening in a couple weeks. Yesterday, we went to Fred Meyer (the new one off of 14) to get our local Miller Paint since the actual store was closed, and since “The Rock” wood-fired pizza place is in the same shopping center we decided to have lunch before embarking on our fix-it/paint excursion. I was pretty happy about the pizza, but couldn’t stop laughing about “THE BUCKET” that was advertised at every table and on every coaster-a drink, or should I say ‘bucket’ that embodies 5 different kinds of rum…and then there was the disclaimer ‘limit of 2 per person’ It reminded me of the Rio in Fort Collins that created the most outragously tasty yet strong margaritas that guests were limited to 3-Bryant gave me a personal limit of 2, and in good reason. Anyway, we spent the afternoon painting our house and watching ridiculous movies on FX such as “the Fast and the Furious” (Bryant kept repeating the Ja Rule line “MONICA!!!!!” he thought it was pretty funny) and “Snakes on a Plane” (a movie I swore I would never watch, but had no choice when Bryant insisted that he must find out what happened and how the snakes get on the plane, by far the worst movie plot ever…aside from Death Race. I won’t get into Death Race now though, I’ll save it for another blog, its just too good!)

Thats about it-I’m attempting to update my blogs and also will be replanting some of my veggies today. I’m new at this, and didn’t realize that when the card says “plant 6 inches apart” it means it.

As For My Life As A Playlist, It has been updated, in addition I’d like you to meet Empire of the Sun

Check Out the Cover Art


And the Video “Walking on a Dream” filmed in Shanghai:

An Australian Electro-Pop Band. I have to say, I am a fan.

Its Earth Day.

Today is Earth Day.


Go to and Join the Green Generation Campaign by particpating in the Billion Acts of Green. Submit your personal action (plant a tree, recycle, shorter showers…the options are endless!)