My Missing Wedding Band

Its morning, I wake up, I take my shower, I do my makeup, blow dry my hair, chap stick, and lean over to grab my wedding rings…or should I say WEDDING RING! My engagement ring was present, my wedding band was not. I frantically searched everywhere-underneath towels, on the floor, under the rug, in the shower, around the toilet, wedding band is in fact missing!!!!!

I had 3 theories:

1) Zoey ate it.

2) A magical man came into my room in the night, took it, and left without a trace.

3) It made its way to the sink and went down it.

I felt that option number 1 was the most plausible.  So I spent all morning sifting through my dogs poop-finding things like rubber bands and carpet, but no ring. From the hours of 7am-1pm, I was on my hands and knees searching my room-it was much like Honey I Shrunk the Kids minus the magnifying glass, and plus the emotional tears. I called Bryant at work to tell him the bad news, he didn’t react really, he just said “Ok. I understand. Let me think about it” and hung up. He then text me with a message that said “Check the Laundry. Maybe I scooped it up with my clothes this morning” I went to the laundry basket, dumped everything out, shook everything out, nothing. I called my friend Stacey, in a panic, explaining to her that I was 98% sure that my marriage commitment was lost in my dogs digestive system. She couldn’t help. No one could.

Bryant came home at about 1pm for lunch, he walked straight into the bedroom, and then came back and handed me my ring. I’m not going to lie all I thought was “what a sick joke!” but I knew he would never do that. He said he shook out his shorts and out the ring fell. I did that like 3 times!!!! It was unbelievable! And Bryant just laughed at me.

I’m not sure what made me more upset, the fact that Bryant felt no remorse (as it was OBVIOUS this was his fault), or the fact that I sifted through my dogs poop all morning for nothing.


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