I’ve really been loving MGMT lately. Every song. AltNation plays their music every hour and every hour I crank it up. Its just amazing. Interesting back story, there is this video on YouTube of the song “Kids” that this guy made and its incredible, featuring scenes of Full House and a dancing weather man and the guy and his friend with painted faces; MGMT apparently loved it (the video got a crazy amount of views on YouTube) and invited the guy and his friend to appear in the Electric Feel Video. If you’ve seen it, they are the people playing on the drums. I thought the story was pretty neat. Makes me feel like I could make a YouTube video and become famous (similiar to Rian on the Rocker playing the drums naked).

Anyway, Here is “Kids” made by a guy named Jon and his band of painted faces.



  1. oo good story. had no idea. and i love them! time to pretend, weekend wars, electric feel, kids o soooo good! definitely love to blast that jam

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