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Hello World! So for some reason people are still reading my blog everyday even though I have been COMPLETELY slacking on updating. For that I am terribly sorry. My life took an interesting spin this last week so I checked out from wordpress world and lived it up! Bryant and I are moving this week to a cute little house with a backyard for Zoey and a 2 car garage so my little corolla no longer feels like the red-headed step child of the family. I exited the unemployment club last week. I had a social weekend a couple weeks ago and found myself completely depressed by all the questions of “so what do you do? nothing? oh i’m sorry!” it didn’t go exactly like that, but I kept hearing failure in everyone’s voices when really they were probably all just trying to learn more about me and in a world where our jobs and careers define our success its difficult to stay subjective.  So anyway, I really sat back and thought about my strengths and what I’m good at and not so good at and where I excel and where I tend to be mediocre and on a whim thought “I’m going to go back to retail” so I applied at the Buckle knowing full well that I would get hired because I did a Sales and Management Internship with them a year ago. I applied, got a call the very next morning, interviewed that afternoon, and was hired as a manager an hour later. I started working the very next day. Like I said, whirlwind week! So I’m a working girl, and I’m LOVING my job. I love working with product and having fun with people that I have never met before and I feel like even though this wasn’t what I had in mind when I got my degree in Apparel and Merchandising, this is where I am happy.

So anyway, I appreciate the increased number of blog visits this week- (and every week because I don’t really feel like my life is that interesting, but seriously, thank you for visiting and this is why I have been absent.

So since I’ve started working like a mad woman, my tomatoes are dying…I wonder if they feel lonely? Also, my husband has been doing an INCREDIBLE job at keeping us with it in the music department. Wild Light is “so good right now” as he would say…I make fun of him for talking like this and by “this” I mean like a 15 year old-but seriously, they are so good right now. If your looking for some happy summer sounds check them out, I’m particularly a fan of  “New Hampshire” and “Call Home.” In addition, 8mm, refreshing sound as well. Take a listen to “Forever and Ever Amen” from their cd Songs to Love and Die By.

Thats about all for now. I have no eventful stories as of right now…I don’t really know what this means considering my “stories” have generally defined me, but its good. Life is calm and peaceful, and happy.

Until next time.

Forever and Ever Amen.



  1. All of your blog success is because of me. ha! I am glad you put up some sort of update. I have missed you…after i sold out and went to the iPhone and we cant BB message any more.

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