To Twitter or Not to Twitter?!

How is everyone feeling about the twitter craze?

My long time good friend @lynseleanne ( came to visit me here in Portland. Many conversations somehow directed their way to the topic of social networking/media. Bryant had many questions for her as did I and she kept laughing at me saying “by the time I go home your going to be on twitter” and it wasn’t until a few days after she left that I thought “lets give it a try. ”

So after being a “tweeter” for a week now, here are my pros and cons list:


-I can direct message friends that are not blackberry owners via twitter and not waste valuable text messages

-I can stay connected with @lynseleanne and what is happening in her life-as she is an avid twitter-er/tweeter, whatever you call it

-I’m evaluating my life differently, tweeting the random thoughts that I normally would just gmail chat to my husband, therefore sharing “Me” with the world

-I get to refer to people with an @ symbol in front, making me feel very “hip”


-My Mom is now facebook stalking me ever since I linked my twitter with my facebook (this is a joke of course, but the point is that people know what I’m thinking and doing—I’m learning that privacy is incredibly valuable to me)

-Its somewhat complicated, and the terms like “RT”-retweet and “DM” for direct message is a bit stressful, thank you @lynseleanne for explaining these terms to me on your last blog “Speaking Social Medianeese”

-I’m apprehensive about getting too involved…even now

-People who read your twitter are referred to as “followers” which sounds completely creeping


What are your thoughts? Do you use twitter? Do you feel like its enriching your life?

As for me, still undecided.



PS. Please start listening to the Smiths, I know they are featured in the new movie “500 days of summer” which I have yet to see, but you will not regret it. Just be careful, similiar to the whole Garden State release and the Shins, people WILL be critical of you and say you only started listening because of “500 days of summer” but in reality, they are just awesome and have been awesome for quite sometime now.  Tell them to shut it.