My friend good friend @lynseleanne posted a video today about why she loves social media…the video made me love social media too. Thus I’m sharing it with all of you…

You know its good when your heart goes thump thump a little. The world is changing, and I feel more important for being a part of it.



I’ve been spending a lot of time “enjoying” life.,.really enjoying it. Taking every moment of daylight and celebrating who I am and where I am at. I think its been an ultimate revelation that the more I simply “enjoy” the happier person I am.

I remember Betty days (heaven forbid) and feeling like I couldn’t breathe without shutting down.

So here I am, enjoying life, my marriage, and when I go into work I attempt to just enjoy what I do…because ultimately I do love what I do. So heres the struggle, drama and gossip creeps in and trys to take away my daylight and my joy and my happiness. And I believe it stems from specific people, and so I spent this morning trying to re-focus my life and refocus my joy so that when I walk in there today I can dance and celebrate life and happiness and people.

Loving people. Depsite their need to create disruption.

I’m feel a NEED to love people and be raw, and lifegiving, because if I don’t then I would be stealing their joy.

Betty used to steal my joy and I hope that this doesn’t steal my joy as well. So I’m stopping the problem before it becomes contagious.

I danced this morning, around my living room, doors and windows open, music blasting and just danced.

I’m celebrating my joy.