Musical Happiness by Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire is featured in the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are, and ever since I downloaded it, I have it playing on repeat CONSTANTLY!


So in honor of this tune and this band, here is the video for “Wake Up”




I think its funny how as soon as I abandon my will to control things, as soon as I stop thinking, as soon as I stop anticipating and just live and let things happen, opportunities find me. Answers arrive, the clouds part and the sky is a clear blue…this always happens and everytime it does I laugh at myself for not just letting things “be.”

I’m at home sick with the flu. Completely stationary, and life is still going, opportunities arising, people living.

And that’s what makes life so interesting and fabulous. Change. Movement. Opportunity. God moving. God creating. God controlling. And me, just letting life take its course. No pressure. No stress. Its just in movement.