Lately I’ve been experiencing some really intense dreams-and in my dreams I tell myself its just a dream and I wake myself up in my dream only to still be dreaming. Do you experience dreams like this? A lot of them I’ve had before, they are reoccurring, but some of them are new. Like the one where my teeth are falling out and I’m spitting them into my hand. I think this dream reflects how I’m feeling about the people around me because when I have it and people care to drive me to the dentist immediately and act as though it is the real emergency that it is, I know they care about me, and when they just ignore me and delay and don’t panic with me…well you get the point. Last night I had a dream that my old workplace caught on fire. I was actually inside, on my last day and the fire started more towards the back and worked its way up front. As the fire moved to the front door the sprinklers started to come on, I ran outside and just watched it burn to the ground.

When I was in middle school and high school I had this reoccuring dream about a gumby like lady that was as thin as paper and when she talked it was like the grown ups on Charlie Brown “wha wha wha wha” and I’d try to understand what she was saying (she was horrifying because she wasn’t 3-dimensional) and then all of a sudden a giant baseball would come flying directly at my face out of no where and hit me dead on and I would wake up sweating.


I remember talking to one of my friends about it and asked her if she thought the Devil could control what we dream about. And she totally freaked me out talking about how in the Bible it says we need to prepare our minds and be self controlled, and think Godly things that are holy and worthy and I need to start praying over what I dream about. I’ll be honest, I have yet to take control of my dreams. Sometimes my mind just wanders into craziness. But the gumby like lady is gone and now I’m faced with dreams about my teeth falling out. The teeth dream gets progressively more intense, a couple nights ago not only were my teeth falling out but my jaw was out of place and I had a giant piece of gum in my mouth that kept expanding and I kept scooping it out with my hand but there was always some left in there.

Thats really all. I just think dreams are kinda crazy. I still pray over my mind before I go to bed, but when my mind is in the sleeping state…I just don’t know. I’ll have dreams where God is re-affirming His power in various situations and I wake up feeling fabulous.

Why I can’t I experience those dreams all the time?

Any thoughts?



  1. I can say that i have never had any sort of control over my dreams….i have always just had them. Most of the time i cant remember them.

    But i may start praying over it before i go to bed…cause recently i have had a lot of nightmares.

  2. katiekrongard says:

    Do it. I think there is power in praying for peace when you sleep. It affects your mind, it really does. A couple nights ago I had a disturbing dream about Bryant-but I realized the dream wasn’t about him it was about my insecurities. I woke up and tried to cuddle with him but he thought I was Zoey so he forcefully pushed me away. The point is, I woke up upset, feeling like I needed to be closer to him because my dream affected me, and how I felt and I couldn’t rest or put my mind back to sleep because I was so upset. It might just be this week, but I really want to focus on praying for peace and rest in hopes that all this nonsense will stop.

  3. In college, I looked into dreams and their meanings. I didn’t read any books or anything, but I truly believe that there is some meanings behind dreams. Your dream about Bryant is a good example. Your teeth dream might be about needing to make a dentist apt. or flossing better or something deeper. Growing up when I would have a nightmare, Dad would always tell me to “rebuke the devil” and pray. We are most vulnerable when we are sleeping and it is hard to keep our thoughts captive. Katie, you are right on about needing to pray for peaceful sleep and dreams before going to bed, and it is also good to pray over your room. I found in college that there was a spirit of depression, suicide and stress in my last bedroom. I talked with one of my roommates about it and she said that the last girl who lived in my room had problems with all of those things. I prayed over my room a lot that year. Anyways, I guess those are my two cents worth on the dream subject. Don’t overlook your dreams, but don’t read too much into them either.

    • katiekrongard says:

      I have a very vivid thought process, I believe this is my problem. I’m taking your advice though, trying to pray more since my guard is down when I sleep.

  4. K, posting this on the correct blog post now….

    I have teeth falling out dreams all the time! They’re quite common, actually – I’ve done a bit of google-research on it. There’s various things it’s supposed to mean, but unless your dreams are very traumatic and terrifying I wouldn’t worry about it. They always just weird me out because it FEELS so real when they’re falling out and half the time I’m like “Oh no – this is really happening this time! It’s not just a dream!” but obviously, it always is a dream ;P

    • katiekrongard says:

      Kristin-I can always count on you to do a little research…
      it feels SO REAL, and I wonder if I’m grinding my teeth at night or something. I’d like to video tape my sleep for a month and then I can pin point the nights I have dreams and see what I look like. Is that weird? That might be too weird.

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