Swollen-Bellied Black Babies, Soccer Moms on Prozac, and the Mark of the Beast

“Entitlement leads to immunity the suffering of others, because “I got what I deserve”, and so, apparently, they did…In an empire of entitlement, when the fundamental awareness is lost that this is all a gift, luxuries can begin to seem like necessities. Excess can become normal. And it can be very easy to lose perspective on just how much we have”

I read the chapter ” Swollen-Bellied Black Babies, Soccer Moms on Prozac, and the Mark of the Beast” this morning from

and in the spirit of holidays and thanksgiving and being thankful and understanding what it means to live humbly this message stuck out to me. Living as if we are entitled instead of blessed and calling luxuries-necessities. Rob Bell talks about the Empire:

“At the exit off the highway near their church is a Best Buy, and a Chilis and a Circuit City, and a mcDonalds and a Walmart and a Bed, Bath and Beyod, much like the other towns in their state and in their country. The music they listen to is distributed by one of the five major corporations, which also own movie studios that create the movies they watch, which is also connected to the corporations that create the food they eat and the commericals they watch which also have significanct ties to the clothes they wear and the cellphones they own and the ring tone on their cellphones, the one by the artist who signed to the record label that is owned by the same company that owns the cell phone company and the ad agency that announced the artists new album, which is owned by the same company that owns the beverage company in whose advertisement the artist appeared, drinking that particular beverage, singing that song that is now a ring tone on the students’ phones that they purchased at the mall across the street from the Olive Garden next store to the Home Depot on the other side of Starbucks…How do children of the empire understand the Savior who was killed by an empire?”

What does all of this mean? Are we living so priviledged and so entitled that we are forgetting the story? Are we too comfortable with life and our luxuries that we can’t even begin to understand Jesus? Are we so comfortable with the religion of it all, with the church, with the Sunday routine that we are forgetting how much we need Him?

Christians. Living Entitled. Living Abundantly. Forgetting Jesus. Everday.

It hits you, when everything is put into perspective, how comfortable we have made our lives so that we don’t have to feel Jesus moving us, stripping us, changing us.

We have to understand what it means to connect with Jesus, to commune with Him, to live life with Him…uncomfortably.


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