Reindeer Herders

Apparently, there are 42,000 people in this nomadic tribe that hunt reindeer in the Russia Siberian wilderness. People, living in the middle of nowhere living off of fish and reindeer.Reading this story I kept thinking about how simple….and challenging their lives must be. People choosing to live in the middle of no where because that is the way they have always done it. This story is a part of a Climate series that NOOR has done to document how the climate changes has impacted people’s lives and jobs (from deforestation to changing sea levels) around the world. Aside from the Global Warming theories I spent most of my morning looking at these pictures because it was about people. Inuits living in Greenland–55,000 people that live in freezing cold conditions hunting arctic wolves…It is so humbling and eye opening to see the different lifestyles of God’s people. At first I felt guilty, guilty for everything I have and how easy my life is-but then realizing that this is the way these people have always lived. There was this man that they talked to who went to law school before coming back to live with his Inuit tribe to hunt. This tribe, living off of seals and whales and now hunting wolves. I can’t explain it-I have no reaction, no point, just fasinated by people living and surviving and moving and doing life so differently from me.



  1. these photos are breathtaking. what’s the website?? soooo fascinating!!!! thanks for posting 🙂

  2. katiekrongard says:

    I know it, I was stunned! Its from the Consequences by NOOR project ( The photo project was featured on msnbc, they had some other really cool stories too 🙂

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