I am noticing that as I get older my standards for what I consider to be a “friendship” has gone up. Realizing that because you’ve gotten older, you’ve met so many more people-cultivated so many friendships and seen  so many friendships go in and out of season;you compare every ‘friend’ to the past friends that you once had. New friends have to prove that they won’t burn you-trust is harder to give…vulnerability isn’t as easy as it used to be. And for some reason it becomes more and more hurtful with age when someone you thought was your friend doesn’t show up. I feel thankful that I haven’t experienced this hurt recently, but I notice that when you move around true friends are harder to find. In proverbs it talks about how a friends wounds are “faithful” because they’re sharing truth and life and bring warning if you are walking into mistakes: the Bible says that these friends are to be “trusted.”

I have a friend that calls me to hear from me what I think and how I feel before she does anything. She trusts me to bring life and wisdom and believes that I bring “balance.” To breathe this kind of life into someone else is such an incredible thing. Friendships can go so deep and bring to the surface so much love and life–yet they are so rare.

Why is this? Why are we too busy to invest in people?

Why is it so hard for us to give and trust and love?

Why do we struggle with moving FORWARD and always compare the next person we meet to the last person that hurt us?

How can we as people, as Christ followers, as friends, learn that everyone is worth investing in?


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