New Years Resolutions

Well its that time again, time to make a list of the things you want to do but know theres a big fat chance you won’t actually follow through. I partake in the resolutions…the resolutions make me feel like this year is going to be a great year. I don’t remember what last years resolutions were, but this year I’ve recorded them in my blackberry and in my spybook so that next year I can actually put the year in full review.

So here it is:

To make “healthy” a conviction not a “goal”

Plan a trip overseas (and finally update my passport with my new last name…thats right, I’m a major slacker)

  • Peru/Chile to see Bryant’s family 🙂

Learn to cook something new (as often as possible)…

  • my love for and their recipe box/shopping list has already made this possible

Take a yoga class

  • Jacksonville has a cute little yoga studio called Joy Full Yoga…really excited about this one 🙂

Travel our new surroundings…and take more mini vacations

  • San Francisco ( a mere 6 hours)
  • Brookings (the coast needs to be visited more often)
  • Portland (I miss its vibe all the time)
  • Bend (I think Bryant hasn’t lived until he has snowboarded at Mt. Bachelor)
  • Sacramento (ever since Bryant faked me out earlier this year and took me to Vegas instead, I’ve been curious)

Get Organized

  • I read somewhere that this is one of the top resolutions that people make, but at one time, when I first became a “wife” I was extremely organized. Everything was filed and labeled…but in all the moving I’ve got stuff all over the place.

Master of Budgeting

  • I really want to master the technique of budgeting. I’m good at not spending money when I set my mind to it, but I really want to understand how people set budgets for separate things in little envelopes. For example “Miscellaneous” “Groceries” “New Vacuum” though, I don’t like the idea of literally putting cash in envelopes…more thinking about this one I suppose.

Drive Less

  • We live in a fabulous little town-one that I’d like to take advantage of. Everything is within walking distance.

Thats it for now. Should probably keep the list short in hopes of increasing the probability that I’ll actually do all of these.


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