My Sugar Journey

For health reasons, and experimental reasons, I decided to attempt omitting refined sugars from my diet for the next 5 months or so…I’m interested to see how it affects my overall health and energy. I went to the doctor’s this month and did blood work for almost everything in the book and when she called to tell me everything was fine, I wanted to say “What! Check again!” Silly I know, that I would hope that something is wrong with me, but I was looking for an excuse. She recommended I carefully look at my diet and see if there are certain foods that could be affecting how I feel on a daily basis. Interesting isn’t it? I read the book Skinny Bitch earlier this year and in it they talk a lot about natural foods vs. man made foods-foods that come from the earth and foods that we make in a lab. Sugar cane I realize is grown, but we put a lot of artificial flavoring and chemicals into our foods to make them taste better-and sugar cane in its pure form is just fine, but unfortunately when it gets to the store and into my grocery basket its been tainted. Anyway, I’m going on a sugar journey, or lack there of….its already stressful, as I’ve started to analyze how many things I eat or drink that has sugar in it: thats right people, toffee nut lattes no longer.  I’ll let you know how it goes, it will be interesting. I’m only on day 2 and after Bryant almost dumped 3 tablespoons of sugar into our pancakes I realized this is going to be a challenge.  We still have left over cookies in the house, and other candies, so the temptation is there–waving its smiling goodness in my face.

Thats all. Just an experiment. I’ll let y’all know how it goes…I bid farewell to some of my favorite sugar treats:

Willy Wonka: master creator and chef

Trolli-O’s and Worms: we have a relationship that no one could duplicate

Macadamian White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Toffee Nut Lattes: My 5 year strong Starbucks drink…we will meet again.

Dutch Brothers Ice Kickers: too hard to talk about it

Hot Tamales

White Russians and Chocolate Martinis (thankfully I had my fill over the holidays)

Peanut M&Ms : they do exist




  1. Yay! Good for you! I’m trying to slowly cut back on my sugar intake too. I don’t think I could go cold turkey. I went 2 days without sugar last week and had horrible withdrawal headaches:-( Ugh.

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