So my brother is flying to Southern Oregon today to hang with Bryant and I and celebrate my birthday. I’m pretty excited to spend some time with him in our new home-he hasn’t been here yet so I’m planning all of the small town stops.

This morning, I started thinking about funny memories with Stephen. I randomly remembered when he went skateboarding and my parents were in Las Vegas-Stephen called me to tell me that he might have broke his arm and needed to be picked up. Bryant and I jumped in the car and headed over to the middle school and found him holding his wrist really close to his body with some seriously ripped up pants. Apparently, he was skateboarding down the hill and felt like it was out of control so he bailed out and landed not so smartly. We took him home and discussed the logistics of the fall and I insisted that we take him to the hospital (a bone seemed to be looking like it wasn’t in the right place), Stephen changed his pants and we took him to the ER. My sister was driving home from Fort Collins, she met us at the hospital…and of course Stephen did in fact break his wrist, and needed to have surgery the next morning. I kept trying to play the cool big sister card-I took care of him, I brought him to the hospital “Its ok Mom, enjoy your vacation, I got this” My parents of course flew back to be there for his surgery, but I liked that I could take care of him. After we all left the hospital, Bryant, Andrea and I took Stephen to the mall to get ice cream and sweatpants from Old Navy for surgery day. We were united, together, trying to make the best of a really crappy situation. We laughed about his ripped up pants, made fun of him for bailing out and not planning the fall…ate ice cream and bonded over a broken wrist and new sweatpants.

When Bryant and I started dating, my Mom told me that her and my brother talked and Stephen told her that if I broke up with Bryant he was going to be really mad at me because he would lose him as a friend. I remember feeling a little angry that Stephen would assume that I was going to be the one to mess things up with Bryant, but now that I’m thinking about it, I’m flattered. Flattered that Stephen’s loyalty was with me, and even though Bryant was his friend too, he knew that if things ended I’d still be his sister, and he’d lose a friendship over that. At least thats how I’m going to interpret it…

Its so weird to think about how far we have come. Stephen is now a sophomore in college, my sister just had a baby, my parents are now grandparents…I didn’t end things with Bryant, we instead got married. Life is progressing right in front of me, and it feels like just yesterday that Stephen broke his wrist and Bryant and I came to his rescue.

Family. Friendship. Memories. Life moving forward all the time.



  1. Smile. Have fun with Stephen.

  2. Well…You did end things with Bryant that one time…That was fun!

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