Today I am 23.

A lot of people aren’t birthday people. They hide their age and keep quiet on their actual birthday to avoid a celebration…some people really don’t like birthdays. My last 2 birthdays have been a bit tainted. I’m not sure what is happening, maybe its the world trying to steal my joy but that is why I am happy that I celebrate birthday month–because even if the actual day isn’t the greatest day, I will have plenty of back up days in the month of January to make up for it.

I am attempting to celebrate 23 years of life, learning, and experience today while looking forward to the next 23 years knowing that the best part of my life is ahead of me.

Its always unfortunate when we set such high expectations on a day and then the sun sets with the days disappointments. Today is about no expectations; just enjoying life and putting aside anything that could get in the way of that.

I’m curled up in my bed with my dog, reading, writing, listening to music, and letting today be a “timeout” from life. Bryant made me pancakes for breakfast, and sent me beautiful flowers–I was instructed to pack nothing, clean nothing, and just take a break. My husband completes me; he is God’s greatest gift to me and today I’m thankful for him.

Birthdays. They aren’t always the greatest “day” but I think taking the time to look at the positives is really what is important. Birthdays mean that I’m moving forward. With each passing birthday I tuck away a year full of memories, and now I have 23 full  years of them.



  1. Arica Heintz says:

    I couldn’t help but to tell you Happy Birthday again.. (plus facebook)
    This blog post just made me smile deeply inside.
    Thank you

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