My Life in Lists

I thought today I would post  some lists that I’ve been keeping in my spybook. I’m realizing more and more as I go through life that keeping a record of my goals, my happy moments, my unhappy moments, my revelations etc…keeps me feeling like I am going somewhere. It gives me a sense of movement and progression. Bryant and I are always talking about things we want to do, whether its something that day, that year, or in our lifetime, we are always making plans. I keep lists. I keep record of the things I want to achieve and the things that make me happy. So here it is, on my blog, a glimpse into my spybook and my life in lists:

Groceries (stuff I need to get)




My Favorite Things:



my small town life

my husband

pony espresso

terra firma

owning a home

sunshine in february

biggest loser/survivor/inspiring reality tv


My Least Favorite Things:

buckle (constantly reminded of how happy I am to be outta there)

forgetting the things that inspire me

stress-of any kind

getting angry with my husband for no reason and feeling guilty for being a jerk

hateful words delivered via email/twitter/text…feels impersonal yet more crushing because you can read it over and over again

soaking wet grass

tara moving

vampire puppy teeth

In 2010 I’m looking forward to:

San Francisco


the Coast

Buying Bikes

Painting our walls Fossil Butte

Brit Festival

My Nephew coming to visit me

Summer in Southern Oregon

Trips to Plan




Things to Remember

Commune more

Love more

Give more

Laugh more

Lighten up

Take advantage of “time”

Stress less

Appreciate people

Don’t forget the importance of keeping in touch

Call more

Worry about what “they” think less

You ARE inspiring

You have so much to give.

Kids can wait.

My worth is found in Christ not in my job

Husbands bring stability and happiness-be thankful for yours.

Keep running.

People are selfish, and so are you.

You can bring your own opportunities.



  1. What about your sister and brother-in-law visiting? I am super excited to see you and this cute little town you keep telling me all about!

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