This Is Not a Book

There is something inspiring about forcing people to get creative…something moving about giving DIRECTION—something crazy happens when you take something that used to be confined and limited and through a massive upheaval (whether it be through words or movement) people begin to CREATE.

Today, I had my weekly coffee date with my friend Cali, and as she was looking for a “…for Dummies” book, I suddenly became distracted by this random book sitting in the “crafts” section…it read “THIS IS NOT A BOOK”


The back had big black letters that said “READ THIS” so I did as I was commanded to do:

“This object does not exist without you. You will determine the content and the final product. All will be shaped by your imagination. You must go out into the world in order to bring it to life and complete the assignments. If its not a book, then what exactly is it? The answer is up to you.”

I was instantly moved. Instantly changed by this Not A Book, and felt like I had to have it. Its pages were filled with assignments like “This is an excuse to avoid other things. Write a list of things you would like to avoid Here.” and “This is a wishing well. Write a wish and tape money Here.”

I started to scream out the instructions like a crazy person drawing Cali closer to me. We became ENGULFED in the contents of its pages–Cali then found a book next to “This is Not a Book” called “Wreck this Journal” by the same author, Keri Smith. Inside, it had assignments like “Document your dinner here by using the foods to create a painting” or “Step in some mudd and make a footprint here” and “Tear this page out, Crinkle It Up, and Tape it Back In”

Cali and I found ourselves screaming out each page for a solid 20 minutes and the more pages we read, the more we felt like we had to have these adventure books with us always. Inevitably, we bought them. But this blog post is about more than “This is Not A Book” ….the other day Bryant and I met up with our friends Mark and Cathi at the Good Bean and in an unrelated conversation Cathi made the point that sometimes it takes a stirring of your circumstances–a shake–a jolt–something happens before you begin to evaluate where you are. I know this theory to be true in my own life, in my own journey with Christ and with people, and today experienced something similar–these books jolted me. My life doesn’t need to be predictable. It doesn’t need to be boring. Routines can be influenced by so many things if you let yourself be MOVED.

My life is not a book….I don’t want it to be considered a repeat of a life that someone else has already lived and experienced. I’m craving change. I’m craving experience. I’m craving adventure and disruption. Yesterday I was reminded that God doesn’t care about my comfort, He cares about my condition.

Disruption is necessary. Disruption is what makes us stronger. Disruption is what causes change to resonate deep within our souls.

Is your life a book? Or is it a “not book”?

Think about it.


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