Community Truths #Fail

This idea has been brewing in me for awhile, so I am going to try to get my point across without getting too crazy.

I have a core group of ‘real life’ friends. 3 Girls that I spill my life too, and I’m making room for 1 more. I talk to them regularly. They are the first to know when something major is happening, and they are the first people that I call when I need to scream/laugh/or express my deepest confessions. Thats 4 people that I communicate with and have created community…and then I have my social network. The 90 or so people that I follow on Twitter. The extended family that I communicate with daily. They know my schedule, my funniest of funny, and my lowest of lows (last weeks Lost really messed me up)…

Do you see what I’m trying to say here?

Last week, I had record breaking blog stats on my posts regarding friendships and first impressions but hardly anyone contributed to the conversation. I’m not offended. I don’t think that my corner of the world is for people to commune with eachother. I think I’ve created a place for me to talk, and people for some reason are listening. I don’t need the comments…I’m not experiencing anxiety, nor am I re-living the creation of facebook “MOM! I HAVE 75 friends on facebook now! Whoo-hoo!!!” I assure you, my blog is not about the popularity contest. But I had over 1,000 blog visits in one week…and I didn’t really get to know any of these people.

Do you see it?

I think what I’m realizing is that this social network that we bloggers/tweeters/tumblrs are so involved in, is failing eachother. People are acting like they know eachother more deeply than they really do, therefore offending eachother and attacking eachother in the name of “truth in love.” We are ignorning eachother because we have too many connections to keep up with. And the people we thought we’d formed bonds with are forgetting that we exist, more occupied with their latest twitpeeps.

Twitter was hacked today, and suddenly I wasn’t following anyone and no one was following me…and I felt relieved. And when I saw that a bunch of other people in my circle felt the same way because we all thought maybe Twitter had imploded and now we were free to start fresh…well it made me think that this ‘Community’ that we believe we are so connected with, might be failing.

I’ve gotten to know more people on Tumblr in the last week then I have ever on my blog and via twitter combined. But I don’t think that I should have to change my avenue to make it work. People make this work, but right now, we aren’t working for eachother.

@donaldmilleris Was anybody else slightly relieved at the thought twitter may have imploded? #slavetosomething?

@lynseleanne Is it sad that I was kind of excited at the thought of twitter exploding? I have a growing desire to be less and less connected lately.

@brettaljets End of the world? Twitter followers and following now zero. I feel so much lighter burden. #fail


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