I love Thursdays, let me tell you why:

1. Its almost Friday, so the weekend is almost here.

2. Bryant and I usually make a more “lazy” dinner meal on Thursdays, which usually means pizza, or tacos, and other non-childhood illusion dinners.

3. Oysters and Ale (though, the last one for the season was a few weeks ago, so now when Thursday rolls around I think, great, whats going to occupy hours 5-8?)

4. Survivor -currently the season is Heroes vs. Villians, I think that my dream would be to go on this show and compete. I know this game like the back of my hand!

5. Greys Anatomy-make fun of me all you want, but I have seen every episode, and am hopelessly obsessed with MerDer and the friendship that is Christina and Meredith. When in Seattle, I said things like “Bryant, I think thats the pier where Meredith drowned..” I feel attached.

6. Private Practice -arguably one of the best spinoffs ever created, not at all like the failure that was “Joey”

Please Note: Thursday night TV is the most important day of the week–we watch Community, Parks and Rec, and the Office on Fridays and Saturdays since I can’t watch two channels at the same time. Bryant understands my show priorities, and has graciously accepted the fact that Thursdays are all about me.


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