Sexy Phlegm and Summer Nights

Im taking my circumstances and looking at it on the upside. Two days ago I left work feeling yucky-headache and sore throat, and I chalked it up to having a case of the trashy wednesdays. Then I woke up yesterday feeling like a freight train ran my head over…I still had the sore throat, but I decided I’d call it ‘allergies’ and move forward. Today, I don’t have a voice…most people would get upset about this, but I like the way my voice sounds. I almost try to talk more than normal when I have my raspy voice because I like the way it sounds better than my normal voice. For some reason it brings more meaning to my words.

“I’m still waiting for my paper mache man. Thank you my babies”–if you haven’t seen this episode of Friends, you are seriously missing out

Anyway, its not allergies or trashy wednesdays, I’m definitely sick. There is nothing stupider then being sick when its 80 degrees outside. However, last night Bryant and I felt like our room was 100 degrees, but we aren’t ready to turn the air conditioning on…its like we wanted to soak up the heat and really FEEL the hot summer night. It sounds weird, but last summer Bryant and I rented a house in Washington that lied to us and said it had air conditioning, but it did not and I secretly loved it. We laid around the house in our swimsuits and screamed at eachother if the other one tried to spoon, because it was just too hot for that. Lynse came to visit us in July, and by that time we’d bought an air conditioner for our bedroom, and I kept apologizing to her for having to deal with the heat and sweat and she kept saying “This is nothing. Try Summers in Alabama.” I really really wanted to try a summer in Alabama. I think its a nostalgic thing. In my head I picture hot summers as something really fabulous–kids cooking eggs on the sidewalk, and dogs jumping in and out of the kiddie pools…in reality, I know that last summer was terrible because of the no air conditioning, but last night, I just wanted to FEEL the heat. We turned the fan on and had the windows open all night. Zoey was all upset, barking at every noise, and it made me happy because it felt like home. Bryant and I would get all mad and yell about Zoey right in front of her “What the hell is she barking about?” and then I’d lay my head back down and smile. These are the things that make me most happy. These are the moments that I am thankful for. And even though I’m sick while Oregon is warming itself up for summer, its okay, because I’m at home.

Sexy Phlegm and Summer Nights, there you have it.



  1. Your title grabbed me…didn’t know phlegm could be sexy! Funny! You make a good point about the voice being raspy making it more real! I often wish I’d get sick to get out of work, but I never do. Dang. I’m going to subscribe!

  2. Subscriptions are always welcome 🙂 I had a work blog like yours last year where I told stories about my crazy boss–so livingdilbert made me really happy today. Thanks for stumbling upon my blog so I could peruse yours–and the episode with Phoebe’s sexy phlegm is called “The One with Joeys New Girlfriend” …I think.

  3. cassieleigh says:

    You are outrageous! I’m sitting in my bed laughing, as my room is completely over-heated by an unneccesary space heater, simply because the opportunity to use a space heater after months of a chilly apartment seems like such a luxury. Cheers for hot summer nights.

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