Brain Fart

I feel this way. A lot. When it comes to writing…and blogging, my mind just goes BLANK. Its like everything that I planned on writing about slips out the sidedoor of my brain all sneaky like and when I realize its gone I wonder what I did to offend it so badly.

I need a conversation buddy. Someone attached to my side who just writes stuff down for me, so then I can say “Hey, buddy side attachment, did we get anything good?!”

So I guess due to the massive smelly fart coming out of my brain, I’m going to leave you with my week’s plans…boring I know.

1. Be supportive and awesome to my “Never Experienced a Brain Fart in His Life” Husband.

2. Coffee with my Bestest Friend Who ALWAYS laughs at my jokes : Denise Steele

3. Dog introduction seminar with my friends who are watching Franny and Zoey for the weekend. (I’ll tell them all the tricks, ‘Tai-Chi-Chi Franny–Wu NAU!’–this means sit’…Franny only responds to outlandish chinese)

4. Pack bags for Portland and hit the road!

5. Make Lynse Leanne Hug Me. It probably won’t be forced, but you never know with her.

Husband is taking his test on Saturday. I’m convinced that he will rock it, but he’s still all nervous and sweaty about it, so I’m planning on keeping the house very zen this week—like that birthing tribal mother on the Business of Being Born “OW-mmmmm….”

Thats all. Pray that the Brain Fart subsides…until then, enjoy my ramblings on Twitter.



  1. You were right. This was funny.

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