While in Portland…

Thursday: ate at Who Song and Larry’s with Samantha Peppers and Steve Simburg, while the food was tasty, the dining experience was a little awkward. Bryant and Steve were hot commodities and every waiter wanted to flash them a wink along with their refill of chips and salsa. Went back to the hotel and kicked my butt at the fitness center where a strange man in jeans and a long sleeve button up shirt came in to pump some iron-it was weird and uncomfortable, but I have a feeling this type of thing happens at hotel fitness centers all the time.

Friday: Morning coffee with Samantha Peppers at Starbucks, extremely crowded, spent the majority of the time talking about stupid boys & twitter–surprisingly these topics can easily be strung together. Surprised Lynse Stevens at Legends Coffee, it was great. Lunch at Subway with husband for his study break-some crazy man kept screaming a bunch and making Bryant really mad–I was too involved with Azkend on the iPad to care. I took a long nap in the afternoon because hotel curtains are amazing. Dinner with Lynse Stevens at McNeminins on the Columbia-the fried won ton prawns were DELISH, and whoever thought to put sweet potatoes on a salad should be called pure genius. Evening swim at the fitness center; made me realize how much I love the smell of chlorine.

Saturday: Test day. Woke up and drove Bryant to the University of Portland, drove back to the hotel and hit up the fitness center where I found that shins really can sweat. Drove to Chipotle off of Mill Plain (30 minutes away) because I was too scared to try and find a closer one-picked up Bryant’s Americano, then drove back to University of Portland which was 45 minutes in the other direction yet somehow completed all of these tasks in Portland traffic in exactly 50 minutes. Ate lunch in the park on Bryant’s break, watched a little spanish child almost break his leg on a metal slide, dropped Bryant back off and drove to Legends Coffee to pick up Lynse Stevens. Went to Ikea. Went to Starbucks. Met Chad Stevens for the first time, a little ridiculous its been this long but delightful just the same. The 3 of us went to pick up Bryant from his exam–on the way I demonstrated why Pam, the car GPS lady hates me, I ask for Dining, she gives me a list of hospitals. Did a victory jump with Bryant, then drove to Fire on the Mountain where we consumed tons of fried pickles, chicken wings, beer, and some fried Oreos that I still think are pointless. Went to Pennisula Park-smiled a lot. Drove downtown for the Starlight Rose Parade, it was stressful but also incredibly entertaining. Had drinks with Lynse, Chad, Bryant, Piper, and Matt. Came back to hotel very late.

Sunday: Slept in late because of glorious curtains. Went to Starbucks for breakfast-a little weirded out by Bryant’s FULL attention as it had been absent for a long while. Went to Ikea and bought an amazing couch thing that I feel like I basically stole because the price was so dang cheap. Met Lynse at Great Taste Chinese-they don’t lie, their Chinese food tastes great.

And now Home. If you read all of that, I congratulate you, because I wouldn’t have.



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