Friend Circles

Today I brought my friend Denise a smoothie, to say I’m sorry for being a dummy and forgetting that we had coffee plans–thats right, I apparently stand friends up sometimes–this is the first time I’ve done this, and I assure you, the guilt was tortureous-it will NEVER happen again. Though, I’m a tiny bit happy about it because it allowed for me to experience the low carb smoothies from Human Bean, and the nice guy that worked there complimented my sunglasses…these 2 things made me smile.

Something hit me as I was driving home, that I have some standards when it comes to letting people into my friend circles. It more than just hit me, about made me want to run down the streets screaming “NO BITCHES ALLOWED!!!!” Not really…but kind of.

Lately, it has become overwhelmingly apparent to me that not all people have good intentions. Some of them keep you around for completely selfish reasons-not that friendships are selfless, just that, they milk them for all they have, and push other people down just so they can make themselves feel like they are awesome. I do not like these people. (PS. Denise is NOT one of these people, in fact, she is just the opposite, but I’ll get to that) I just think that its rude. Currently, my friend circle is on a health kick. We are motivating each other to get healthy, and really FEEL good about our whole selves and it has been encouraging and inspiring and just fabulously cohesive. I just don’t like assholes–that is the truth. People who can only maintain one friendship at a time and people who want to point out your flaws to boost their morale–just stop it.

I am not an exclusive friend person–I tend to let everyone have a go around, but if they rub me the wrong way, or make me feel bad about myself in any way, and then do it again, well, I’m sorry but life is too short. And that goes for social media too–don’t be mean and exclusive and pretend to be open and friendly–that is giving a bad name for real relationships online, and I don’t like it.

I rant sometimes. I suppose this is going to be categorized into a new section of my blog titled “rants”

PS. After much deliberation, I am keeping–all my fellow blog people are revamping and redesigning, maybe I’ll do some of that, but this little corner of the world is one of my favorite places to be. In fact, I’m setting up a blogging corner in my house this afternoon…thats right–an entire CORNER of my house just for me and blogging and writing–because when I think about what makes me happy, it is this. I want to write. So in an effort to keep my book idea afloat, and keep my readers interested, I’m making a corner in my house, right next to my dogs’ water bowl.

Cheers friends.


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