My Starbucks Twin

For the past few months, I’ve been irritated by my Starbucks visits…yes, its true, IRRITATED. While I enjoy my coffee, and the overall experience, I am frequently greeted with this:

Haven’t you already been here today?

At first, it wasn’t that big of a deal, a little rude, because what if it was my 2nd visit, what is it to you?! But then it started getting more personal…

Soy Latte right?

Uh WHAT! No, that has never been my drink, soy? what! What is this? I corrected them, every single time, and replied with “Ok, seriously, I come in here almost everyday, I always get an iced toffee nut non-fat latte.” Baristas would laugh, look at me weird, and then say, yes, thats right, toffee nut non-fat latte, I knew that. Then, on a Wednesday, Denise and I were standing in line for our coffee and I was asked again:

Barista: Have you been here this whole time?

Me: No, I just got here

Barista: Oh, but you were here earlier.

Me: (insert anger) What is this? No, you guys always ask me that, no, I wasn’t here earlier. Whats going on?

Barista: You know what it is, you look just like that one girl–(turns to other barista) you know who I’m talking about? She gets the soy lattes.

Me: A soy latte? What the crap? Who this chick! Give me a name!

Barista: Robin I think, right? Yes, its Robin. Seriously, she looks just like you.

Other Barista: So, do you want your usual? Grande Soy Latte? (he grins)

Denise: I’m so happy right now I could dance.

Me: I’m pissed.

And so it began. My Starbucks twin “Robin” would come up at social gatherings, and very frequently when Denise and I had coffee together. We’d talk about what we thought Robin was like, and what would happen if we just saw her walk in…would there be a freaky friday moment? Would she look nothing like me? Would she be an asshole? I tried mixing up my schedules a bit, going to Starbucks a little earlier, since it was clear that Robin would always beat me there. Nothing. Always just missed her –thats what they would tell me.

Fast forward: a few weeks ago, I tweeted about the woman who lost her home in a fire, someone retweeted, and @robinrasmussen replied offering to donate some beauty products. Logistically, our plan to meet up failed, and the fire lady received an abundance of donations from elsewhere, thus, I never collected the makeup. @robinrasmussen and I continued to chat over twitter-bonded over our love for twilight, discussed thai restaurants, and then YESTERDAY, it hit me.

@robinrasmussen likes coffee…her name…Robin. I clicked on her Avatar and felt like I was looking at myself in the mirror. Her picture was of her, in her car, with Ray Ban looking sunglasses, dark long hair, it was crazy. I yelled for Bryant to come look, explained my theory, he looked at her avi and said “Oh my god! Its you! Seriously. That is you!” I DM’d Denise, same reaction “OMG ITS HER!”

So I asked her. @robinrasmussen do you go to the Starbucks on biddle? Do you drink soy lattes?

Her response: YES!

Its true. I found my Starbucks twin, and we’ve been twitter-friends this whole time. I’m less irritated, and less tormented. And apparently, @robinrasmussen has also had the same kind of experience on her Starbucks visits…so I don’t feel like I’m crazy at all.

I found the best sunglasses/car photo that I had of myself so that I could show you the resemblance.  See below, and prepare to be amazed.





  1. Josh Hudnall says:

    That is the awesomest story. I could not like it more.

  2. This made me laugh & cry! What a great story we have!!


  3. Whoa. That’s freaky.

  4. THAT is amazing! I remember you telling me about the asshole barista’s and this experience. Ha ha. So glad that you have found each other.

  5. HA! Robin is my best friend! too funny. You two do look alike!

  6. She really does look a lot like you! How funny!

  7. I’m so happy I could dance.

  8. Anne/pfeffior says:

    that is so funny. And Robin is such a sweet girl. Now you can go for drinks at starbucks together and totally confuse the baristas!

    • We discussed meeting there and ordering eachother’s drinks to throw them off. I think just the vision of us walking in together would cause a disturbance 🙂

      yes. this is really really really funny.

  9. Ha! Wow, that’s a trip! There must be some great, universal purpose for your “meeting”. You can Really screw with the starbucks guys now.

  10. You guys should go there and show the barista’s that you are in fact 2 different people…or wear a name tag at all times just so they know. ha!

  11. This is CRAZY! As I was reading your post I First thought “Man, what is wrong with these baristas”..but as your post went on, it got really interesting. I guess it is true that we have people who look like us around the world. You found your 1st one 😉

    • I love that you loved it. It was one of the highlights of my life—finding your doppleganger is such a fantastic thing. Except Robin went and cut her hair and got pregnant without asking me, so it seems the “twin” appearance was short lived.

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