103 degrees & the letter “T”

Thats hot.

That is Hot with 2 t’s


Tomorrow its going to be 103 degrees and I am sitting here hoping to goodness that I have Sunday off so Bryant and I can go float down a river in the triple digit heat–because really, there doesn’t seem like anything else that one can do when it is HOTT outside.

I’ve also realized that when it is HOTT outside, people are more social. Bryant and I have been BUSY–and for no other reason than the fact that when its summer people are happier and they want to go out and do stuff.

There is no story here, just that its 103 degrees in Southern Oregon, and when I walk outside my shins are instantly sweaty because 103 degrees is Hot, with 2 t’s. And now that I’ve emphasized the 2 t’s I want to re-iterate how annoying it was today when I couldn’t use the letter “t” when I chatted the allegiant travel agent. I had to think of a way to word my question without the letter “t” so would start…

“Your promotio….” **delete

“the…” **delete

“promo, fly free fare, works how?”

Yes, I am foreign, and do not understand basic english grammer. The dumbest part was how to end the conversation without using a “t”

“Thanks” nope

“Thats all I need” nope

“Regards” what am I fifty?

So I said “Gracias”

Bryant had a fit about it–“Gracias? You actually said that?” I replied “What else was I supposed to say, F*** you, I guess I could have, but she didn’t deserve it.”

The letter “t” is really important.


The Rewards of Being a Coffee Addict

I’m not exactly sure when it all started, but last week when I was in Colorado I thought that maybe this whole love of coffee is just in my blood.

My Dad and I walked into his regular Starbucks store and he was greeted by the barista “Hey Bob! How’s it going?” I turned to him and said “That just made me so happy.” My Dad used his Free Drink Coupon awarded for his gold member status–I pulled out my gold card and my Dad said “You aren’t going to let me buy you your coffee?” I responded, “But, then I won’t get a gold star?!”

In highschool, I would leave my house at a ridiculously early hour so I could sit at Starbucks, read my Bible, and sip on my Toffee Nut Latte. I’ve altered my drink a bit, now that I’m no longer 16, I drink it with non-fat milk, but my day always started out the same. Toffee Nut Latte, and then I’d grab a Honey in the Moon Frapp. (White Mocha, 1 pump carmel, no whip, carmel drizzle on top) and head off to school. My friends RARELY saw me without a cup of coffee in my hand.

When I graduated highschool, I got a job at Starbucks. The manager, Linda, said to me one day “You are here all the time Katie, you better just let me hire you.” I was introduced to the coffee passport; the joy of pairing coffee from different regions with different pastries and chocolates…my heart was bursting at the seams.

Bryant and I used to meet at Starbucks almost everyday. We’d sit, he’d sip on his iced white mocha or his vanilla no-water chai, and we’d talk for hours. I like to think that he fell in love with me when I was sipping on my latte. Our happiest moments were shared at Starbucks, in the dark little cafe. In college, we’d escape the stress and drive to a Starbucks store that was 15 minutes away from campus and play bacgammon.

Now, I am married. A Starbucks Gold Card Member–yes I love the street cred; however, the card is about more than just status (though I like to wave it around like an Olympic Gold Medal), its about the bond, the relationship, and the history. I feel a sense of home when I walk into a Starbucks store. My greatest stories have happened while sitting at a Starbucks. Bryant and I got in a fight way back when, and we reunited at a Starbucks; our hug and truce was followed by a standing ovation by the Starbucks customers. I kid you not, the entire cafe stood up and clapped for us. Last week, I somehow managed to see all of my favorite Colorado friends. We all spent time together, played catch up on life, over a cup of coffee.

Coffee and I, we are bonded. We understand eachother, and this morning when I sipped on my 3-Region Starbucks Blend, I felt happy and homey; warm and full. It is rewarding, in its own way.

Blog Vacation

I’m in Colorado on vacation, I’ll write something clever and whitty when I get back at the end of the week.

I appreciate all the blog visits though, kinda going to my head a little bit. Like Regina George or Gretchen Weiners “I’m sorry everyone is so jealous of me, I can’t help it that I’m so popular” …and your welcome.

Cheers Friends.