I started my new job last week and instantly remembered what it used to be like to be BUSY. I generally am at work from 8am-5pm, and in between that I am trying to find time to start training for a run…I haven’t decided what run yet, but I’ll let you know when I figure that out—AND I also have a husband who unfortunately has been neglected. Needless to say, I haven’t had much time to blog.

I actually haven’t spent more than 2 hours with my husband since last Wednesday. I had my first day, and he had a social gathering involving golf and a fancy dinner so by the time he got home I was sleeping. Thursday we celebrated Bryant’s birthday, but I had invited a bunch of our friends to come so Bryant spent a lot of time socializing with them and making the most of the very little time he had to spend with his birthday surprise present–Christopher Robin Eggs Lovett. Friday, Bryant left town, and I’m hoping he’ll come home early enough today so we can remember what it’s like to eat dinner together.

My life is busy. But its a good busy–its a kind of busy that makes me smile and feel productive and important. My job is fantastic, and I’m diving right into projects and Merchandising plans which is really exciting. I am busy. So I hope that the True and the Questions doesn’t get forgotten for too long, but I did take a blog hiatus last time I started working full-time, so I make no promises. CrinkledVelvet has been dead for awhile, and I am happy to report that it looks like it will stay that way. No crazy bosses or office pets–and there doesn’t seem to be any signs of employee abuse. Knock on wood, but I think all is good!

Cheers friends!


Assless Chaps

I got a new job. After months and months of failure and annoyingly painful disappointment, I somehow managed to get myself a job that I am 100% excited about, and 100% proud of.

There is an amazingly large Motorcycle Online Retailer called “Motorcycle-Superstore” and they have an awesome website filled with over 600 brands of motorsports apparel and products (http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com) and their headquarters are located in my small neck of the woods. I know, its random. And so, a couple weeks ago after a coffee date with my friend Cali, I said to myself “SELF! Change your freakin circumstances because this is just annoying!” And so, I applied for jobs, and found a posting for a job titled “Merchandising Specialist” …I am BOTH of these things.

I was called for an interview the very next day, and found that I was actually interviewed for a position called “Ecommerce Merchandising Lead” which essentially means, I will be the badass that decides what goes on the website and where based on top seller reports and click through and market trends, etc. etc. Bryant pep talked me beforehand and was all “THIS IS YOUR JOB TO LOSE!” …I know, I thought it was more terrifying than encouraging too, but he also said that I looked “Awesome” and the flattery helped–he also kept saying “You got this!” which was also nice.

A week later they called me to go in for a 2nd interview where they basically said “Are you still interested? We hope so. Because you are awesome, and we want to make you an offer”

To which they did make me an offer–a good one. And I’ve never worked at a company where they made me an “offer.” Sad I know, but Betty Black Hole didn’t believe in formalities.

So here I am. Working for a Motorcycle Super Giant, and pumped about buying lots of leather things—whenever we drive by motorcycle people I say “Hello my brothers!” and Bryant laughs, and I feel all excited and awesome inside.

I start my big fancy job on the 25th, and can’t get over how freaking amazing it is that at my 2 year graduation mark from college, I finally have the sweet merchandising job that I always wanted. Granted I didn’t expect it would be here, in Southern Oregon, but hey now I can buy a quad and go ride around the Applegate with a glass of wine…or er, well, maybe not, but still–BOO-YAH!!!!!!

More Uses for Tea

I really don’t like tea. I don’t know why, I’m just not a tea person. I keep it in my house for when I get sick, because for some reason one of the most known cold remedies is “hot tea.” When I was young, my parents would make me drink honey tea when I had a sore throat-it always felt like torture. I don’t care how much honey you dump in your mug, it still tastes like crap. I don’t care how herbal or fruity, its nasty. But like I said, I have boxes of it. Tazo assorted, Tazo Wild Sweet Orange, and Earl Grey…just in case I go british.

Today, however, I made tea…a lot of it.

Denise walked in my house to help me clean…
Me: I’m making tea!
Denise: You hate tea.
Me: Not to drink, to clean my floors!

Ehow.com that’s right, pure genius. I boiled 1/2 gallon of water, brewed 10 tea bags, made it all rich and let it “stew” as they call it and mopped my floors with it. It worked beautifully. My wood floors smell all Wild Sweet Orange like, and look all shiny and fabulous-all thanks to Tea.

Its good for cleaning up dirt, so that’s somethin.