More Uses for Tea

I really don’t like tea. I don’t know why, I’m just not a tea person. I keep it in my house for when I get sick, because for some reason one of the most known cold remedies is “hot tea.” When I was young, my parents would make me drink honey tea when I had a sore throat-it always felt like torture. I don’t care how much honey you dump in your mug, it still tastes like crap. I don’t care how herbal or fruity, its nasty. But like I said, I have boxes of it. Tazo assorted, Tazo Wild Sweet Orange, and Earl Grey…just in case I go british.

Today, however, I made tea…a lot of it.

Denise walked in my house to help me clean…
Me: I’m making tea!
Denise: You hate tea.
Me: Not to drink, to clean my floors! that’s right, pure genius. I boiled 1/2 gallon of water, brewed 10 tea bags, made it all rich and let it “stew” as they call it and mopped my floors with it. It worked beautifully. My wood floors smell all Wild Sweet Orange like, and look all shiny and fabulous-all thanks to Tea.

Its good for cleaning up dirt, so that’s somethin.


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