Its Fall.

Life update: I have a rockin’ ass job that I’m really loving so thats neat. I reached my goal weight via the Dairy Free disaster…which maybe was a blessing in disguise because I eat extra healthy now because its really my only option. I like it. I bought some almond milk and I have some with my granola in the mornings, so thats fun and a little hippy but whatevs. Bryant has been studying for another test, which he is always doing, but once this one is over and assuming he passes then we only have 1 left and then hopefully he will take a credential break (Cross your fingers). Summer came and went and now its fall outside. I bought a neck cowl–which is basically just a fancy name for a loopy scarf. It’s big and fluffy and I’ve been wearing it almost everyday because it makes me feel sassy. Everything about my neck cowl says that its fall outside and I really love the smell of fall and actually I like the smell of my neck cowl too…it smells like a sweater, which makes sense. I’m having a Pumpkin Carving party tomorrow with some good friends–I’m really excited because I can’t remember ever carving a pumpkin. I know that I have, but it was when I was younger so I can’t really recall the details. So I’m planning on carving something artistic, which will probably turn into a big blob of nothing, but I’m going to roast some pumpkin seeds so it won’t all be for nothing.

Today I made a really awesome Fall Playlist, so I’ve been listening to that and cleaning my house. Sometimes I stop cleaning and I dance or sing with the broom. I’ve shared its glory with you below. No point here, just that seasons are changing and life is moving forward, and I really love fall and I am happy. Really happy. This feeling of bliss creeps up on you and is so unexpected, but so glorious.

Bring It On by The Gaslight Anthem

Month of May by Arcade Fire

Take Me Out by Atomic Tom

Crossfire by Brandon Flowers

Ageless Beauty by Stars

Get On the Road by Tired Pony

Low Rising by The Swell Season

Fire with Fire by The Scissor Sisters

The High Road by Broken Bells

More Than Life by Whitley

She Loves You by The Gaslight Anthem








  1. Horray for neck cowls, pumpkin carving, and almond milk!

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