Happy Brand Stinkin’ New Year

My life feels like its on fast forward all the time. I’m a blog slacker, but I’d like you all to know that in my head it really feels like fall was yesterday. So here we are, 2011…

We just cleaned out our refrigerator, which always leads to a big cleaning spree–trust me on this one. If your house is a mess and you can’t find the motivation, start with the fridge..something about windex-ing old jelly off the shelves causes some sort of turbo ammunition to tackle the toilet, and the dusty baseboards. So after some sort of freaky cleaning episode, we put away our tiny little Christmas tree and packed away our 25 piece Willow Tree manger set (not really 25 pieces, but it feels like it)…and now everything feels all fresh and new yearsy.

So here it is, my list of Resolutions.




That is really it. I feel complete and I feel paced. I am at the height of my youth and I am loving every second of it. Health goals are the norm, but I feel like I’ve figured that part out, and so I’m left with my passionate pursuit in enjoying my life. I have a wonderful husband, and two childlike dogs that are all demented and awesome–Bryant and I have created a life and a home, and I honestly can’t think of anywhere else I would rather be…so for 2011 I just want to keep my pace.


Thats it. Thats all I really have. I miss my voice a bit, so I hope to try to find time to visit my little corner of the WWW more often, but I make no promises. I have arrived apparently–it sounds so silly but seriously, my life is awesome.

Now all I need is a tomato garden and a little yoga patio so I can wake up and say hello in tree position 7 and salute the mountains of Oregon all nudey and fancy free….

Just kidding… (sort of.)


Until next time–HAPPY NEW YEAR BLOG FRIENDS. Seriously, I love you guys.



  1. hello katie’s blog.
    nice to meet you.

    we will be friends for long-time, ’tis true.


  1. […] Last year, I had no goals, instead, I just wanted to keep pace with everything wonderful that we already had going on. Nothing ever really goes as planned. I think we hit the fast forward button and took some leaps this year and truthfully speaking, I’d like to slow down a bit. We have started a family, and she will grace us with her presence two months from now. We took some risks this year and shook things up, and now we’d like to settle. 2012 will be everything but “easy” and as I look ahead I see the ginormous challenges awaiting us, but I think somehow we will make it all work. We have been so blessed, and to realize that somehow we made ends meet and we took everything that we built in Oregon and created these uncomfortable circumstances on the other side of the country in hopes of finding something new and ultimately better for us…well, I don’t know what else to say except that it is a miracle. Moves have always been hard for me, but this one, this one should have been the most challenging. Instead, I only see the joy that it has brought to my husband which makes all of the negativity fade. That is the funny thing about marriage; we convince ourselves that the compromise will hurt, but by allowing that element of flexibility and seeing that new degree of happiness in the person you love spill over, it is infectious. I am happy because my husband is happy. In 2012, we have financial goals. We have educational goals. I personally have some Heidi Klum post baby health goals that will be kicked into high gear as soon as Kinsey Hope is born, but, even with all of these plans, I am perfectly content if we simply survive. I know that sounds negative in a way, but I think the saying “live and let live” is the attitude I would like to have in 2012. Things may go our way, they may not, but I’d like to throw my expectations out the window and just go with it. I will become a mother, and somehow will find a way to juggle that with all of the other roles I play in life. I do not need to add the pressure of making a list or focusing on an word or a goal or a plan, I just want to sit down on December 31st, 2012 and look back and say “Somehow, we did it.” […]

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