Bad Coffee

For the last 2 months there has been an increasingly large number of co workers speaking up about the crap coffee served in our breakroom. I personally have never drank any of it because I’m a coffee shop person. I enjoy the ritual of pulling up at my local Starbucks, making small talk with my favorite baristas, smiling at the old man who arrives an hour earlier than me to meet the paper guy at the door so he can discuss the stock market with the patrons waiting for their steamed lattes and americanos…I don’t drink the no name store brand work brewed coffee, I just don’t. But, I am one of the first to get to my desk in the mornings, and for the last 2 weeks especially I’ve heard the on going discussion about the coffee. Problem solving and complaining, day in, and day out:

Why does it taste so bad?
Maybe you are making it wrong?
Maybe we should start getting it from Costco?!

This week, they finally ordered decent coffee from a coffee company in my small town. And Scene:

Me: (sits at desk, working…busy…headphones in…feel a tap on my shoulder)
Man: I heard you live in Jacksonville.
Me: yes that’s right.
Man: well, we ordered some coffee from a company there, as it turns out…It’s not ground. Would you mind taking it there and getting it ground? It’s a long ways, and people really want the new coffee.
Me: yeah sure, no problem.
Man: really? That’s so great, thank you.
5 minutes later, man drops off 20 pounds of coffee…
5 more minutes passes…
Woman: Katie, are you sure you can handle it? You will have to grind little bits at a time ya know, since there’s so much.
Me: I’m not personally going to grind it. They will do it for me. So I’m sure it will be ok.
Woman: well, ok, but you are sure you can do it?
Me: yep. I already said yes, so…yeah.
Woman leaves…then comes back 5 minutes later…
Woman: Katie, I called them, she said you have to grind it little bits at a time, ya know, since its so much.
Me: (irritated, forced smile) yes, um, ok, they are going to grind it for me, so I don’t really care how they do it, I’m just going to bring it in ok?
Woman: (glaring at me) well, that’s just what she said.
10 more minutes passes…
Another Man: Hey! Katie! Should we call you the coffee grinder girl?
Me: (yells loudly) OH MY GOD! How many more people are going to talk to me about this damn coffee!!

Coffee Shop Scene:

Me: my work ordered this, we need it ground.
Barista: you know they can order it ground.
Me: can you just grind it please? I honestly don’t know why they ordered it this way.
Barista: well it will take awhile. I need to do it little bits at a time.
Me: oh, really? Little bits at a time huh? Ok, ill come back later.
Barista: are you having a party or something?
Me: what?
Barista: its a lot of coffee.
Me: uh yeah, ill be back in an hour.

It took 1 hour and 15 minutes for them to grind the coffee…little bits at a time…even after all of that I still stopped at Starbucks on my way to work.