Love Wins

A simple statement about triumph. Winning and Losing. What prevails and what ultimately…fails. Love wins. It really really does.

I’m reading through Rob Bell’s book, same title “Love Wins.” My secret: I always start with his last page. He brings things in full circle always, but I like reading the last page. It inspires me to then go to the first. I did this with “Velvet Elvis” and “Sex God” and “Jesus Wants to Save Christians” …its the ending that makes my little heart thump.

I believe in a God that loves, one that saves, one that gives, one that has moved me to love others to the best of my ability. I fail. My love fails. I don’t always do the right thing or say the right thing. I grapple with questions all the time and feel lost & found all over again…but this is life. This is it. I know that I would rather do this than spend my time doing something else. I love people and I will fight for people, all people, for as long as I live. I know what wins in the end.

So I want to post the ending so you know where my heart sits today, in this moment.

“Love is what God is, love is why Jesus came, and love is why he continues to come, year after year, person after person…May you experience this vast, expansive, infinite, indestructible love that has been yours all along. May you discover that this love is as wide as the sky and as small as the cracks in your heart no one else knows about. And may you know, deep in your bones, that love wins.”


The Speeding Ticket.


Do you feel safe? Do you know who’s pulling you over?! DO YOU?

A month ago I was pulled over for speeding. Yes, I was speeding; however, the area to which I was speeding in isn’t clearly marked and is on a strange road that goes from 55 to 45 to 35 and back to 45 in a span of 1 mile. Regardless, I was pulled over. I was also issued what the lovely state of Oregon calls a “fix it ticket.” You see, when we moved here, I expected to turn in my Washington ID and be given an Oregon ID, just as Washington did when we moved from Colorado. Instead, we were asked to take a written drivers test, to which my husband and I both failed because it asked a series of BS questions regarding blind person procedures and how to share the road with a horse. We failed. We walked out laughing, and I never went back to retake it. Fast forward 1 year, I’m pulled over and am told that I have to get my Oregon License or pay Jackson County $256.00.

2 weeks ago I got my license and today I went to take care of my ticket. Now, the “officer” (and I use that term loosely because I honestly have no idea anymore) told me that I could find any officer to sign the fix it portion of my ticket and all would be forgiven.

I drove to the address on my ticket and am told that I can’t take care of my ticket there. Woman says ” no that’s not ours, drive down the street and they will help you. Who gave you this ticket?” I reply: “uh, an officer of the law. I don’t know.” (yes, my exact words) she replies ” ok, well, maybe they will know.” I drive down the street. Walk up to the court clerk at City Hall, “wrong place honey, I can’t help you. You need to go down to 505 Oak.” I reply ” I was just there, they told me to come here.” She says, ” I promise, I can’t help, who gave you this?” Me: “A man. In a police uniform.” Her: “I can’t help. They should know how to help you.” I drive back down the street to the justice court, I see the same woman, she says “your back!” Me: “they can’t help me. Can you please just help me?” Her: “well you need an officer to sign this. So go back over there to the police station and have them sign it.” Me: you aren’t joking are you? Her: ” you know where it is? Go back onto Oak..” Me: “YES! I know where it is!” I drive back down the street.

I’m at the police station. Explain my situation. Woman says…get ready for it…”who gave you this? This isn’t one of ours?!” Me: ” you are the 3rd person to ask me that. I don’t know! His name is on the ticket! A man! Tall! It was a month ago!” She calls someone. An officer (I think, but I really can’t tell anymore) in a uniform says “I guess I can sign this, but…I just don’t know who gave it to you” Me: “he said any officer! Any officer can sign it!” He signs it finally. I drive back to the justice court. Her: “huh. I don’t know who this is? I’ve never seen this officer sign this before.” She makes a call, after 10 minutes says they can accept it…I pay 143.00 and leave.

My questions:
1) who gave me this ticket?
2) was this even on my record?
3) have I been punked?

My answers.
A white man. Dressed like a cop. I don’t know, and probably.

So, I would not be surprised if I’m hauled away in a few months for not showing up to my fake court date or if I find out that I gave Jackson County a $143.00 donation.

Story over.