Faith in Humanity (Craigslist)

Recently, Bryant and I have been de-cluttering the house and posting furniture and other related items on our local craigslist. We’ve been cleaning house so to speak, trying to live more simply, and so I posted a few things on there hoping that we could get rid of some of it. Below are a list of real life responses (names hidden) just to give you an idea of what I’m dealing with.

“Hi! I can’t get email at this address, but I really want to buy this, call me?!” sent via email

“Oops, I clicked on the wrong post, nevermind, sorry.” sent via email

“Good day. You must call me (local number listed) TTYL” signed Faldorf (name too awesome to anonymize) sent via email

“Whats up why can’t you call me (local number listed) Payce. Chica” sent via email (sokalchica, again too awesome to anonymize)

“Oh my gosh, I love this, I’ll be there in 5 minutes, call me (local number)” sent via email. Bryant calls her back, she says “Oh, I just bought another one.” Bryant: “But you just sent this literally 2 minutes ago” Her: “Yeah I know, I found another one right after.” Bryant: “Then why did you….ok whatever bye”

“This is great, but things are really tight right now, can you hold it for me until I get paid and then maybe I can make payments or something? I really really love it, let me know!” sent via email

“I emailed you to ask if this was still available and left my phone number, I thought you would call me not email me back! I overspent at the Central Point yard sale, if you would have called, then I wouldn’t have done that. Is it still there? Maybe I can get it when I get paid on Friday? Let me know, and call me back please” sent via email

Do I really need to say anything else about this? Its absolutely painful. Then, Bryant and I had set up an appointment with someone  (reasons for it, to be explained later) and it was scheduled for 1pm on Saturday. 1pm rolls around and hes not there….1:15pm I call him to leave a message and I say “Hey (we’ll call him Joe) Joe, its 1:15, you were supposed to be here at 1:00, uh, can you let me know where you are? Maybe you are lost? Give me a call, hope to see you soon” 20 more minutes…I’m yelling like crazy “WHAT THE HELL! WHO DOES THIS! oh my gosh Bryant…maybe he’s dead? do you think he’s dead?” I call again, no answer. I call again, leave a mean message “Unfortunately, I don’t have all day to wait for you. And it seems you forgot”

I get an email 2 days later, subject line “Did I fail?” with this cryptic message that says “I was opening files and noticed this wasn’t on my calendar, did I fail?” what?!?!?!! If you mean that you didnt show up to our meeting then yes.

This whole post just depressed me.



  1. Josh Hudnall says:

    Holy smokes! That had me rolling. Sorry you’re frustrated, friend, but at least you can be glad that you made your friends’ days a little bit. 🙂

  2. Thank you. Your life is so comedic and I really enjoy hearing your stories. And Craigslist is dumb…well it’s not but some people are.

  3. I haz a happy from laughing at this.

    “Did I fail?” I would have had a field day with this and sent him the best reply I could possibly think of. Something that would make 27/6 laugh his ass off.

  4. i’m dying laughing! i had someone once ask me if they could “trade” my expensive designer juicy couture bag for “yardwork”. Um, no. also everytime i sell anything on craigslist, i always meet the person in a public place and they roll up and you feel like you’re selling drugs. 🙂

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