On Church

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt comfortable in a church. Moving from state to state, church to church, its been difficult for us to get settled in somewhere. We’ve attended but we haven’t participated. I think ultimately after our ‘history’, I haven’t felt the desire to get planted anywhere. I have spent so much time reviewing the disappointments that have come along with ‘being known’ within a building of people and its been extremely challenging for me to get past that.

On Sunday, we went to the Hillsong NYC church plant. There was a huge banner outside that said “Welcome Home” and as we walked in I felt something different. I think my heart has been asking for a change for awhile. I so badly have wanted to meet authentic believers. I’ve wanted to find people that changed the stereotype and silenced the judgement. It’s felt like I have been a part of the few instead of the many but walking into this church and hearing the pastor speak truths instead of throwing out calculated prayers and formulated Christianity made my heart smile. He said battling with doubt is a strength not a weakness. We are intellectual beings and God created us with the ability to think and question, and fighting doubt doesn’t make you weak. He explained that we are believers and the world doesn’t need anymore religion. And my favorite part was the resounding cheer coming from the thousand that was packed into the small theatre.

I don’t need to go to church, and I’ve never felt like I had to for any reason. But to feel like I wanted to, that’s something I haven’t felt in a very long time.

Welcome Home Katie. Welcome Home.



  1. Super awesome! Do you know of Mars Hill based out of Seattle? It’s where I go. It’s my home, though it’s a multi-campus church. Sounds like the doctrine’s match up. 🙂

  2. Mark Driscoll- Some people love him, some people well, hate him. He crack me up but is also humble and passionate. He keeps it real and always brings it back to Jesus. I’ve been attending regularly for 2 years now, been a member for 1. http://www.marshillchurch.org

    • I think that’s great. I read a book of his and didn’t see eye to eye, but I think you will find that no matter where you go. If you don’t question and agree 100% of the time there’s a problem. I care more about the intentions and the condition of the heart. I’m happy you have a place you can call home 🙂

  3. Juliakate says:

    Loved reading that you felt at home in this setting. I spent over a year serving and spending time with the family at Hillsong in Paris and I will never forget what that felt like. There were issues & imperfections, but there was also a sense of openness that I really respected.
    I haven’t attended a church gathering regularly for… Hmm… I think it’s been 6-7 months and I know I’m supposed to miss it, but I don’t. I know eventually I’ll return because I have work to do within these gatherings, but until the appointed time I am enjoying my Sabbatical from the institution.
    Thanks for this:)

    • I think that’s perfectly fine. Your faith can’t rest on a building, and for me taking time to have community outside of a church allowed for me to build relationships in a completely different way. You don’t need a church to develop community, but when you find a place that feels like home, its amazing to have your faith built up by the person singing next to you.

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