Today, I went to the dog park at my usual 11:30 time slot. I met a nice girl named Amanda who started giving me the where and when on places to take dogs in the summer. Its a crazy 98 degrees today and unbelievably hot outside. John, a big time dog walker, joined us as he usually does everyday around the same time. We are chatting and bonding over our little animals and we see a group of 20 kids or so walking through the park in their school uniforms, no big deal.

Theres a pavilion in the center of the park and there are often theatre groups that gather there to put on performances or practice…this was not one of them. All of a sudden we hear yelling and cheering and we look up to see two girls literally ripping each others’ hair out. They are throwing punches, and kicking the crap out of each other. All of the kids are cheering and taking pictures with their cellphones. The adults that are near the pavilion approach and just stand there and watch. Nice girl Amanda and I both look at each other asking “Is this for real? Is that a real fight? Why is no one doing anything?” John, the dog walker, who I should mention is pretty flamboyant, but honestly the nicest guy I’ve ever met, jumps the fence and runs over and says to the adults “ARE YOU JUST WATCHING THIS?” They just stared at him, and he totally jumps in there and pulls the girl off of the other one and says “Stop this! I will call the police!” The kids scatter in every direction. John comes running back, hops back over the fence and in one big breath yells “THIS IS OUR FUTURE!!!!!!!”

It was like a Braveheart moment “THEY CAN NEVER TAKE, OUR FREEDOM!!!!” except John was so angry and emotional about it. All disgraced like, “These kids are the future of America, lets all go kill ourselves now and save them the trouble later.” John was pretty badass. And he just kept repeating himself “That is our future people, how do you feel about that?!”

And THAT my friends, is my million dollar movie idea.


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