The Gay Pride Parade: HAPPY PRIDE PEOPLE!

We are still new to the city, and we don’t really pay attention to what days you should and should not travel. My calendar now has a big ALERT on it for next year because I have never in my life seen so many people in one place at one time. Bryant and I got onto the Path yesterday to head into NYC to go to church. We had our first Sunday of volunteering on the Connections team @hillsongnyc, where basically, we just talk to people and get to know them–the best job for us Krongards, we are chatty people. And we had a reason to get to know new people, therefore creating a mutually beneficial situation since again, we are new, so we don’t have a lot of friends. Anyway! We get to the Path Station and its crazy packed with people. Our little car going into the city was so full I could smell the guys deodorant next to me. I kept saying to Bryant “Wow, busy day, this is weird.”

 As soon as we got off at our stop, it all made sense. Tables lining the streets selling rainbow garb and crowds of people walking around in swimsuit tops and spandex shorts. We had to weave around people and find alternative routes to get to Irving Plaza because the street we normally cross was the parade route! And coming home, coming home was so much worse because the parade was actually in progress!! We had to wait until marching bands passed before the police would let us cross the street. It took us 1 hour to go about 2 blocks, and then once we got back to path station because of the crazy amounts of people the machines were broken. So we had to go back up to get cash and buy a $20.00 metro card because it was exact change, cash only, no single rides. Honestly, the whole experience was a giant lesson to me that we need to read the news.

I’ve never been a parade person. Its always dusty and overwhelming and theres always animals that are coughing and people that are drunk and crazy–parades just aren’t my thing. We went to the Rose Parade in Portland last year with Lynse and Chad and my eyes were so swollen from all of the parade dust I thought I was going to die. This, of course, was 10,000x bigger than that parade. The people were flashy and excited, so that part was better than the boring Rose Parade, but I was honestly afraid I wouldn’t ever get home again. I live in an awesome city though. And parades aside, its exciting to me that I get to be a witness to events like this all the time. Two weeks ago, what we thought was a Gay Pride Parade was actually Puerto Rican Pride Day. Its an honest mistake really, no offense intended on either side, we just saw a bunch of colors and yelling people and assumed. Wrongly, clearly, because it led us to believe that going into the city yesterday was safe.

We finally got home, and took the dogs to the dog park. John, my dog walker friend was down there with Tango, this awesome pitbull that just loves Franny to death, and I told him that we had just come back from the city. He gasped and said “Honey! I play on that team and even I knew not to go into the city today!!! I’m going to warn you next year! You silly new people!” I’m counting on John to remind me next year, and honestly, it made me happy inside, that there will be a next year! We will be in this city next year and the year after that. Oh yeah, I’m not moving again…did I tell you guys this? I’m not. I decided it when we drove for 5 days to get here, but I also RE-DECIDED. We had lunch with some friends a few weeks ago and they said “How long are you here?” and Bryant and I both answered “Forever.” I’m home y’all.



  1. That’s funny! I guess you could’ve seen me in both parades… if only I lived in NYC!

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