The Bubble Gum

Since moving to the big city we’ve adjusted our routines a bit to accomodate the culture. For example, we don’t say hello to everyone we pass on the street, and we don’t let our dogs run off leash in the city park. We ride the light rail and we take the “Path” train into the city, and we use recyclable bags every single time we shop as opposed to the occasional “feeling green” grocery trips we made in Oregon. Bryant now carries around a man bag every time we leave the house complete with the iPad, and his rain jacket, and snacks, because you just never know how long its going to take you to get back home and under what conditions you will be traveling. With all of that said, we are adapting, and I think we are doing a pretty good job at it. But there are some things that you just can’t see coming, no matter how much prep and forethought. We have to learn our lessons first in order to do better the next time around.

The other day, we took the dogs to the dog park for a bit to let them run out some of their energy. We have to cross our busy street to get to the dog park, and you would think that cars would slow down a bit since there is a park right there, but generally they are flying down Montgomery going 45mph. We always wait until the light turns red so we have ample time to cross, rather than trying to book it with both dogs in between passing cars. So, we are leaving the dog park, and Bryant has Zoey and I have Franny, and I realize that Franny is struggling a little bit. I am in the  middle of street yelling ‘FRANNY! MOVE IT! SERIOUSLY! COME ON!’ and she’s all stressed out, and I can’t figure out what is going on. I get her to the other side of the street when I notice it…pink gooey bubble gum all over Franny’s paws. She’s moving her feet up and down clearly stressed that it won’t come off, making the gum mess even worse because she’s getting it on her face and all the way up her legs. This type of thing would only happen to Franny, because this is the dog that peed on my face, the dog that french kisses me whenever she gets the chance; she is Miss Thang, and it was completely unsurprising that she would step in gum. Here’s the thing: gum in your hair is impossible to get out. Most people just cut their hair where the gum is stuck because it ends up being the only option. Franny is a fury dog, and cutting her short lab hair wasn’t really an option, so I spent the better half of my afternoon with Franny in the bathtub scrubbing and pulling nasty stranger chewed gum off of her.

Despite our efforts to adapt, there are some things that you just can’t predict or avoid. I think in time we’ll know how to look ahead a bit better. We will anticipate what is coming, yes, we will even look for gum on the sidewalks when we are walking the dog, because something like that would never happen in Oregon.



  1. […] to do the unthinkable, re: Pee on My Face, and since then has managed to eat ant traps, step in Bubble Gum, and in more recent months has turned into some kind of stripper, humping Zoey every chance she […]

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