Smarty Pants

Today marks a new beginning for the Krongards. While the simple passing of a test may seem like an easy feat, I will say that this road of test(s) has been everything but easy. My husband has been studying the entire time that I have known him. We started dating shortly after we graduated high school, spent all of college getting through the tests and classes only for him to decide that there was still more for him to do. In the past three years of our marriage my husband has averaged two exams a year, starting with the CIPM in December of 2008, followed by CFA Level 1 in June 2009, followed by CIPM Experts in October of 2009, followed by CFA Level II in June of 2010, followed by CFA Level III in June of 2011. This has been our life. I am thankful that my husband is so damn smart because he passed every single one of these exams on his first attempt. Co-workers of his have called the CFA series of tests the hardest tests that one in their industry could take in their entire life–I will attest to that. Many of them have made numerous attempts at passing these exams, not because they aren’t smart enough or can’t do it, but because they are challenging, exhausting, and completely defeating. Countless nights of late night pots of coffee and numerous evenings that I spent alone watching movies. The sacrifices feel worth it because the relief and the joy I feel in knowing that we were able to get through this chapter without hating each other is an accomplishment of its own.

Test results day usually begins at 6am in the morning for my  husband, as we have always been on West Coast time–my morning sleep gets interrupted by my screaming husband, jumping up and down, completely SURPRISED by his achievement. Key word: Surprised. Bryant always believes that he has failed. Every single test he stresses himself out and always says “this time is different, I don’t feel like I passed” yet every single time I would be woken up by his screams “PASSED! PASSED! I PASSED!” Today, we are on the East Coast. Bryant went to work and waited patiently for his “sometime after 9am” email, and at around 10:15am he text me that beautiful word, “Passed” with about 5 exclamation marks.


Bryant Roger Krongard

CFA, CIPM, Smarty Pants Husband, Rockstar, Dreamer, DO-ER.


I am proud, cautious, but proud because I know my husband better than to actually believe that he won’t find some other fancy test to take or decide that now is the right time to get his Masters degree. Regardless, we made it through this, and I believe it is his overwhelming motivation and his unfailing, unwavering commitment to be everything that he can be that has allowed for him and us to get through anything.



  1. Holy s…martypants! That’s a lot of tests!

    I love the last line especially. Thanks for sharing.

    And I am taking my own test (Real Estate, unfathomably easier, of course) here in 2.56 short weeks. I will think of Bryant as I march through those proctored test doors, knowing anything is possible 🙂

    Best to you both. Excited to read here about your future!

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