I don’t generally watch the various talent shows, but happened to catch X-Factor last night after Bryant and I watched Survivor. It was mildly entertaining, and there was some talent and some crazies of course, but the very last audition had me in tears. I have re-watched the audition 4 times today. I think for me, his story is the ultimate description of redemption and, well, second chances. Even if you don’t care about X-Factor, I assure you that this guy’s story will inspire you. Someone who made a series of bad decisions, but now, determined to do life differently.




  1. I’m so glad you posted this…I never would have seen it otherwise.


  1. […] year, it was Chris Rene, and though it is still early, I have to say, Jillian’s audition is one that really moved me. […]

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