Sometimes I have to take a breath. I forget how quickly time passes by and suddenly I realize it and I feel 100% overwhelmed and completely nostalgic.

Today, I am 17 weeks pregnant, which means my ‘oh holy sweet baby Jesus, are you sure I can handle this?’ moments are going to start quadrupling. I’m almost to the halfway point…seriously?!

We watched Fast Five tonight, and I couldn’t recall if Letty was supposed to be in it so I IMDB’d and saw the original movie came out 10 years ago! WHAT?! Dom and Bryan started racing and boosting cars when I was 14?

We have lived in Jersey City for almost 5 months. This means I can’t claim total ignorance anymore. Which means that my “I’m with child” excuse should probably kick it into high gear.

Time is just slipping through my fingers. Remember that song “time keeps on slippin’ into the future!!” …I just IMDB’d Space Jam after I started humming that song to myself (its from the soundtrack) …1996 you guys!!

Let’s all just take a breath together.


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