Well Played St. Jude

The most stressful part about Christmas cards is addressing the envelopes. I fret sometimes if I don’t have an awesome family photo for my cards, but when it comes down to it, the bulk of the stress is about the time that it takes to address each envelope. Every year, I think, “gosh, I should just print the address on these bad boys.” But then, I consider the time investment to type out each address and so I decide “maybe next year.” Then there is my own address. Bryant and I move a lot…sometimes the best way to tell people what state I am in is to simply send them some mail. I am obviously the worst pen pal in the world so this doesn’t happen until Christmas. And I’m apparently also cheap because I don’t want to pay for return address labels.

So, I was pretty happy when I received a packet of free address labels in the mail!!! Bryant was all “hey look, you got free address labels!” I yelped and admired them, “THEY HAVE SNOWMEN ON THEM!” and then, I read the note attached.

“We hope you think of our boys and girls as you use them”


So, in good conscience, I can not use these labels if I don’t give money to St. Jude. And you know what, I really want to give money to St. Jude, because A) its a good thing to do and cancer really is a nasty bitch and B) This tactic was seriously well thought out



Things You Should NOT Say…

to a pregnant lady.

Comments on size: “Oh because you are so big?!” “Wow, you are really pregnant!” “Are you sure its not twins!? HA!”–no one is laughing.

Speculations on the due date: “You are due in a few weeks right?”

Predictions on what the baby will look like: “Do you think it will have your nose?” …said in a worry-some tone OR even better, making constant comments on how the baby will look just like its Dad, as if I am not involved at all.

“How are you feeling? You don’t look so good” –why did you ask how I was feeling if you were going to tell me that I don’t look good? What if I feel great?!! Asshole.

Comments on the baby’s name: “What is her name? Oh thats…different.” –you don’t have to tell me that you like it or that its the cutest name you’ve ever heard, just don’t comment.


Got any others? Add them to the list.




Kool-1 The Gang-0

Today was a day of appointments! I saw my OB this morning and then had an ultrasound a few hours later to check up on Kool and the Gang. (P.S. I feel bad for anyone who starts reading this blog randomly since I have all of these clever names for my uterus and its inhabitants).

Kinsey is 1.8 pounds…I think. Either that or 1 pound 8 other unit of measurement. I wasn’t really paying attention because I was busy looking at the 3D picture of her cute little face. She had her hand all smooshed against her cheek and I was trying to see her nose so I could tell everyone if she had my nose or Bryant’s nose. It is still a mystery, but in this whole process the ultrasound tech was all “Shes 1 pound and 8 something something” Anyway, she is healthy and still a girl just in case you were wondering.

Also, all that fibroid stress was for nothing because guess what–its still only 3 centimeters. It is basically the size of like half a finger, or like the top of someone’s finger…someone’s finger print. To me it seemed huge but my doctor went into this long explanation about technology and how ultrasounds can pick up tiny little fibroids but in the “olden days” the only way to find fibroids was if they were actually physically felt, which means they were the size of oranges and tennis balls. Creepy right?! So anyway. I’m updating all detailed about this because I’ve had a lot of searches for fibroids during pregnancy so for all of you Mom’s that somehow landed on my blog, WELCOME, and know that they are pretty common. So anyway, fibroids either stay the same size, or they grow, or they shrink (during pregnancy). They have been monitoring mine pretty closely and talking about possibly removing it, but because it seems to have settled in at only 3 centimeters and is located at the top of my uterus, my doctor said that we may as well just pretend that it isn’t there. So, no c-sections or unnecessary surgeries are in the cards for me at this point. After Kinsey is born it will probably decrease in size, and theres always a chance that more fibroids will grow, but until that becomes an issue I shouldn’t have any fertility problems with future children. So, there ya go. Kinsey (aka Kool) and I are going to experience the typical evacuation method come birthday. Unless of course something else happens, but I’m hoping for the best.

I’ve gained 7 pounds total, and I am now 24 weeks and 3 days along. So if you are keeping score, for a while there we thought the Gang might win out, but Kinsey is fierce and she is all healthy and awesome so 1 for Kinsey.

All systems are a go y’all. All systems are a go.