Home Sweet Home

I spent the first 20 years of my life in the beautiful state of Colorado. My family would take short vacations to Keystone or Copper Mountain in the summers so we could ride our bikes and hike, and our winters generally involved trekking through the snow to the grocery store because of the blizzard like snow accumulation. Colorado Springs sits right beside Pikes Peak, and the mountains were my compass (always west). It is where I met my husband, where I went to college, where I got married, and though we will probably never make Colorado our permanent home ever again, it always will feel like my home sweet home. Bryant and I started our marriage in the Pacific North West, and we are now starting our family on the East Coast (please don’t make me say New Jersey…I’ll claim it as New York until the day I die), but with big life events comes the inherent need to celebrate and to commune, and we will always feel like our place for that is in Colorado.

We leave the day after tomorrow, which sounds a whole lot sooner than if I just say ‘Wednesday.’ My sister and my cute little niece are flying in from Ohio, my brother is driving down from Ft Collins, and Bryant’s parents are flying in from Maryland/North Carolina, and our whole family will be together. We are going to celebrate Kinsey, the new little life that is baking in my uterus, but mostly, we are just going to be together. I will sit and talk about life with my Dad over a cup of coffee, and my sister and I are going to make Cake Boss style cupcakes, and I’m going to try my hardest to get up the motivation to start knitting a baby blanket with my aunt’s crafty guidance. My Mom will inevitably convince us all to play Settlers of Cataan, and after hours of bartering and strategy, we’ll make fun of her for trading with whoever is going to win the game, and she will play the “what? they won’t win!” to which they will win, and she will probably laugh until she cries. I will get to see my brother, who is all old and distinguished with his college going-ness, and we’ll talk about music and I’ll hug him a lot because out of everyone, he brings a sense of calm, and I miss his whit and general calmness. I am the loud one, the one who has my Dad’s sense of humor with my Mom’s exaggerated emotions, and it is when I am home that I feel like I belong.

I’m going home y’all. And I really can’t wait.


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