The Bitch About Home Owning

Bryant and I became homeowners in January of 2010. We purchased a cute little townhouse in Jacksonville, Oregon that has a cute little Ikea Kitchen and is buried in a cute little neighborhood next to an awesome German restaurant. When we bought it, we knew that we wouldn’t live in it forever, and decided that buying this cute little townhouse would give us some options whenever we decided to move (either rent it out, or sell it for a nice profit since we bought it at the bottom of the market).

Flash Forward to 6 months ago: Bryant gets an awesome job opportunity across the country, and due to the nature of the move and the timing, we decided to hire a property management company to take care of our house for us since we would be 3,000 miles away. It was a very adult decision involving contracts and other things, but we knew that once we had renters things would settle down and become relatively easy.

Wrong-O. We hired Quality Property Management. That was our mistake. These people are assholes, and they have caused nothing but grief since the very beginning. I would get into that now but this would turn into a novel instead of a blog post so I’ll hold the phone on the history for now. This month we get a deposit for less than half of what we are supposed to receive. I sent an email at 9am EST pretty much saying that this better be a mistake because I never authorized that kind of maintenance. I called them at 12pm EST (9am their time, the moment their offices open) to get some answers. Initially, the nice girl made it seem like it must be a mistake, but two hours later when I called again having not heard back from them, the accountant told me that our tenants moved out. Shock? Rage? Disbelief? Yes, all of it. Our tenants had signed a 1 year lease, and the accountant informed me that she had given 2 months notice and new tenants were moving in, and oh all of this happened without my knowledge. It gets better. They worked out some special “we are really nice” deal with the renters so that they wouldn’t loose any money, their deposit included. They also authorized the tenants to sign a 1 year lease beginning now. We had dropped the rent dramatically during the summer so that we could just get the place rented, but had planned on raising rent come next June…that opportunity was taken from us. If we wanted to move back to Oregon next summer, that opportunity also taken from us. Sell our cute little town home? Nope, can’t do that either. They essentially decided that they would do whatever the hell they wanted with our property behind our backs. To say that I am angry doesn’t really seem to cover it. I don’t trust them, I don’t like them, and even after explaining to them my complete dissatisfaction with how they handled this entire situation, I didn’t get so much as an apology, just a ” Good news! The process was seamless and at no cost to you.” Financially, for now, yes, this didn’t cost us anything, but in the long run, this cost us a lot. They just made decisions for us, without a second thought, and for some reason don’t see any problem with any of this.

So this here, this is the bitch about home owning. At least in our case, just because you own it, doesn’t mean to get to decide what to do with it. Did that read just as stupid as it sounds? Yep, I thought so. I have my contracts out and I’ve been reviewing past emails, and I’m filing it away in a folder titled “Sue Their Asses.” I think this attitude and investigative work I get from my father, and I mean that in the greatest way possible.

I should also mention that the owner of this company doesn’t even know how to spell the word “tenant.” Its astounding since its a word associated with his everyday business. I got an email from him last night and he spelt it “tanant.” He also used the word “critizim” and seriously misspelled a bunch of other things. I think I can easily prove that he is an idiot based on this email alone.

Any lawyers out there want to help me sue their asses?! Just sayin.





  1. Oh my!!! That’s horrible. 😦 I’m sorry that they are doing this to you; it is incredibly unfair. Hope that somehow you get a happy ending. ❤

    • Its pretty ridiculous really. Unbelievable I think is the better word. He did say that he regrets that I found out about it after the partial month’s rent deposit went through…but that was the only ounce of regret that he expressed. He told me he would call me this morning, which means he has about 1 hour and 40 minutes left until it is no longer morning on the West Coast. Then I can call him a liar, again.

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