Life Lessons: Let it Go

After a full week/end of holiday celebrations, and a full month of visits and trips and other things, I feel wiser somehow. There is always some sort of drama brewing when it comes to family, but I’ve learned that the best method is to just let things go. I don’t think that every little feeling needs to be discussed or that every little grievance needs to be aired…I am convinced, no matter what Seinfeld says, that it is better to let it go. “Festivus for the rest of us,” I say, “Forgive and Forget.” Bryant and I like to stay out of the line of fire, and no matter what kind of crap is stirring around us we choose to separate ourselves from it. I still get mad about things, but life is too short for me to hold on to it. There are so many people that I know who spend so much energy worrying about how they have been offended–what a giant waste of time. Someone who you thought was your friend isn’t acting very friendly? Well, they either made a mistake or they didn’t, but either way is it really worth staying mad about it for the next four years? Families punish each other, more than friends do. For some reason when a family member hurts you the cut is deeper, because they should know better, or love you more, or care more, but in the end, people are people.

So, here it is. Just let it go. Enter the month of December giving everyone a clean slate, or not if you so choose, but decide to be positive. You do have a choice. Unhappiness is not a state of being, its a cognitive decision. You can either be mad and be a real bummer or you can choose to not be mad and be joyful instead. I choose joy. But hey, thats just me.


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